Patience, my friend!

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Patience is something that majority of us lack  and is one the virtues that our ancestors possessed which definitely had its perks. With growing technology and ease of connectivity  , there is less that one has to strive for and hence forget losing patience, we do not have it in the first place. Now do we think about such things? Well it is true that in today’s fast paced   world, everyone requires everything on the go. But there is no end to this and one needs to cultivate patience to become a stronger and better individual in the long run. Patience is an enormous art and can heal diseases and serious life threatening issues. It is of utmost importance that one develops patience to such a level that you are entirely self contained and external factors don’t work on you.

This is one of the therapies advised by leading health and medical institutions and also the Chinese Monks, Dalai Lama etc , this is what keeps them on track. Compare a person with patience and someone who is agitated and the former is way beyond reach. And the best part is patience is also cultivated by having patience and any man can reach there provided he works upon himself in a conscious manner.

Now having said this, where are we to start from? Lets look at the top 5 ways to cultivate patience which will infact turn us into better beings.

Stay away from your phone

Your mobile phone is the biggest thief of your patience. It not only keeps distracting but makes you always wonder who’s calling or whatsapping next and robs you off your peace. Now this again is a choice that you only have to make. Instead of always getting hooked on to it and wondering what will happen in the world if you don’t check your phone. Keep it away. While doing your work, or practicing a hobby keep the monster away. Use it for the reason it is meant for. Calling or inquiring when in need only and not making it a limb of your body. By doing this for a few days only, you will realize that you have already built up a small amount of patience by prioritizing. Also stay away from social media as much as possible. Agreed that social media makes you more aware these days but we also have an information overload   wherein most of the information received today is not required. Read newspapers and you are anyway aware of what’s happening around. You don’t have to go on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. It’s not like you are going to be an outcast if you don’t enter these places. This essentially starts you off with a little patience.

Fall in love with nature

Nature is the most peaceful entity and it is heart breaking to see its decline these days .With the increasing urbanization trees are being felled and mother nature destroyed.I think we all should attempt embracing nature as much as possible. Start with planting saplings or cultivating indoor plants. This not only soothes your eyes, keep you healthy but also help you build up patience. Because when a seed is planted, all you got to do is water it and nourish it. You have to be patient enough and just wait and watch when   it grows. There’s nothing more you can do. Nature essentially teaches you this that there are certain situations that require nothing more than having patience. One must essentially run away from city life once in a while and peacefully live in the arms of mother nature to pacify the inner self.

Read Classics

Classics are no doubt a little more difficult to read as compared to other genres. This is merely because of the pure language and literature and the beauty .But the epic quality portrayed in these are unmatched these days. Yes these may take time to understand but do not give up. Continue with the understanding of the language and you’ll learn how to appreciate it. This will help build your patience immensely. So I would suggest to start off with simple short stories of Guy De Maupassant, Ayn Rand ‘s collection(Fountainhead, We the Living, Atlas Shrugged), Harper Lee’s “How to kill a Mockingbird” and when it comes to classics we definitely think about Shakespeare.

Deal with procrastination

The best way to deal with procrastination is to act. Procrastination is nothing less than a disease and it hinders your progress. We tend to think a lot and act less. So just put your foot forward and just do it. You will always find more time in your hands and this will build up patience  . You will definitely feel much more productive.

Interact more with your loved ones.

We always tend to take our loved ones for granted and throw tantrums expecting them to understand us. But one must always deal with them patiently and quietly. Understand them more on a deeper level. Patience begins from your inside always. If you are not patient inside then there’s nothing that can be done to improve you on the outside.