How Peoplefied are you?

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It is always said , in fact it’s almost like a prescription that one cannot survive alone. Human beings are interdependent. We live in such a society where living together is of utmost importance. In whichever walk of life we maybe, we are always taught to be good to people and adjust be it, family, relationships or work life.

But have we ever taken out time and thought about this? Is it not possible to survive alone in reality. Well, this is where your “Being” comes into existence. While adjusting and being the ‘people’s person’ are we not losing ourselves bit by bit? What about our hobbies our time our free thinking time. Also most people with whom we adjust, don’t matter to us in the long run, so why do we only think short term? Are we happy? We seldom realise that it is a MUST that we don’t adjust to situations and people if it isn’t making us happy. It should always be that you are what you are and everything else, your friends, organisations , accolades come to you. Most of us follow the “Do Have Be” principle. Ie , we do things, in order to have more things which finally we do to become someone. But it should be the other way round “Be Have Do” and everything that we want must essentially flow towards us.

Is it worth adjusting and being around too many people when all you are getting out of it is stress and unhappiness? Instead is it better to develop ourselves to such a level that happiness is a default situation/emotion? But again there’s a dual play in everything we do. However little steps can take us a long way.

  1. Don’t talk to too many people

‘Too many cooks always spoil the broth’. We tend to talk to too many people during university or say work to maintain relationships. But this is very deteriorating to our mental health. There’s always cribbing or mob mentality to which you have to agree or disagree or else you wont fit into it. So its better not to be involved with too much babel. It’s better to be opinionated and alone than be non- opinionated and have many friends’.

  1. Stick to what you believe in

Always be firm yet courteous. It is always important to be a good person first and all the rest will follow Whether you are taking a competitive exam or working very hard to get an appraisal, there will always to immense competition. What matters here is always work with the right kind of mind set. Never debase yourself to reach your goal. That might achieve you the initial success but shatters you spiritually. ‘Never put your passion before your principles”

  1. Yes, Karma exists

Fact is you can dupe the entire world but yourself. You can always talk a lot and not perform because who knows? But do YOU not know? You need to do justice to yourself. Karma acts in such a manner that one has to pay its price in this birth itself. You cannot escape from karma.

  1. We all need that ‘Kick’

Most of us don’t know what we want in life, we are confused. That’s ok. We strive for high paying jobs without even knowing if we are happy or not? Now happiness does not mean being contended .It is that one Kick that we all want in life which we seldom do justice to. In case you aren’t happy at work. Quit. Try out new things that you haven’t done before and you never know what these things can lead you to. What level of development it’ll take you to. You will realise that the stress taken was not even worth the time. If you aren’t getting that kick, then it just isn’t fitting into your story.

  1. Personality check

Leave out everything aside. First understand yourself. Humongous amounts of research and study has been done worldwide on self-introspection and you’ll soon adjust with yourself instead of the world around. You’ll make peace with yourself and the world. If you aren’t happy or satisfied ,you aren’t doing justice to yourself. Everyone can leave you at any time. But can you leave yourself? Can your spiritual and mental self-leave you?

  1. People people and people!

At the end of the day, people are people. They ought to have different opinions depending on who they are. Yes some are smart and intelligent while some are stupid. Stupidity spreads like an epidemic whereas smart people face loads of criticism. But that’s how the universe is designed. You have no option but to live with it. Yes, if you can being a few to the right direction, consider themselves lucky to have got the message, while can continue to live in a Fool’s Paradise. It is not your responsibility to change the world but only to change yourself. Happiness is as much as an epidemic as Stupidity. It is a merely a matter of choice.


As goes by the famous song “Heal the World” by Micheal Jackson,

‘Heal the world, make it a better place,

For you and for me and the entire human race,

There are people dying, if you care enough for the living

Make a better place for you and for me”


This can be achieved in totality by BEING YOURSELF.