Perks of Gymnastics

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How many times have you seen someone do a full split and thought “I wish I was that flexible”? The point is you can, you have a body, but you have to use it efficiently to move it  the way you want. Whether it be dance or Mixed Martial Arts or Gymnastics, nothing is impossible. Yeah it might seem difficult at the time but that is why we practice, and the first step for that is to want to do something different. We all have wishes and dreams that we rarely even try pursuing, but should we really give up? Nothing in life is easy, so you may have to fight a little for what you want and “voilà” you achieve your goals. Many of you do not realise that our bodies make us feel extremely conscious, if we do not have the kind we want. Being fat or not flexible does take its toll on our mental sub conscious enhancing frustration levels. Therefore, leads to stress. So it is time you start learning what you wanted to five years back, no matter how stupid it sounds. For me, it is gymnastics. I do not think that there can be anything cooler than that! If your body can achieve that level of flexibility, you also get to improve your dance moves that way. But what are the other benefits of gymnastics, I wonder.

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1. Flexibility – duh uh! 

In Gymnastics, flexibility is one of the main features that is focused on. Most of the gymnastics routine or curriculum involve exercises to stretch the body and enhance flexibility level.  Because of which they can do all the crazy cartwheels and full splits. And honestly, lets face it who does not want to be that flexible? Also this level of flexibility helps improve your dance moves and also all other sports in case you happen to play any.
Chen Yibing of China competes in the men's rings final during the artistic gymnastics competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
2. Muscle power all the way

Many of us fail to realise that a gymnast may look lean but it is all muscle power. In order to become a good gymnast power and strength is essential to pull off the crazy poses and routines. Many of us do not know this, but Gymnasts are one the the most powerful athletes of the world. They need all the muscle power to pull their bodies up while doing various different exercises. Therefore, intensive muscle training is required which makes you stronger and burns off the extra kilos.

3. Cognitive functioning

I know it sounds rather unconventional but it is a fact. Gymnastics is a sport that requires extremely high focus and concentration. It is not merely done for your physical health but it also improves the cognitive functioning to a great extent. Research shows that children function better in all spheres of life provided they indulge in activities which require both the  mind and the body (Barrett, 1998).Gymnastics in early childhood is responsible for developing neurological pathways, which in turn promotes readiness to study and focus. According to researchers at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, there exists a significant relationship between physical activity and a child’s self esteem. The more time a child spends between the ages of 10 – 16 the more self efficient he becomes, during the course of of his life. This also reduces chances of Asthma.

4. Improves coordination

In any sport, coordination is of utmost importance. Likewise in gymnastics an improvement in hand eye coordination and balancing is observed.  In order to become an excellent gymnast your coordination and balance has to be perfect and therefore training to maintain the two is carried out efficiently.
5. Benefits other activities

With the strength training, balance training and flexibility training, gymnastics benefits a wide range of other sports which mostly require these three attributes. Therefore, you may be doing one particular activity but you are also making your body fit and ready for the rest.

6. Listening boost

Listening or following instructions is a major problem with our generation. Some of us have a tendency to violate rules for no good reason. Gymnastics helps to discipline the mind and also paying attention to instructions. It is a dangerous sport in some ways, if you choose to not pay attention to the instructor, since it involves using certain apparatus which when done without supervision can go wrong and harm your body. Therefore, listening to the instructor and sticking to the rules is extremely important.
Quatro Gymnastics, 2012
Gymnastics is essentially an activity which is extremely tough, but guys believe me if you can pull it off then it will really boost your self esteem and you will feel more confident. Engaging in physically hectic activities and sports is always a good idea, since it removes all lethargy and you feel fresh both mentally and physically. You tend to become more efficient. Therefore, this just proves to be another alternative for the boring work out sessions in the gymnasium. You can opt for something which helps you boost your cognitive skills and your physical training in a more fun way. But irrespective of the method, exercising should be a lifestyle activity, not an option but a requirement or necessity, because if you have not made it so by now, you might have to start worrying about cardio vascular issues.