Bizarre Beauty Benefits

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Bizarre Beauty Benefits

-Disha Gangopadhyay

Aging is a process which no one can control. Not only the celebrities, but also several individuals are ready to go under the knife or engage in numerous treatments to maintain that youthful look on their face. Everyone is ready to go to great lengths to ensure the longevity of their beauty.
Worried about the wrinkles building around you face? Tired of the usual facial regimes and looking for something new and adventurous way to rejuvenate your skin? Afraid to undergo any kind of surgical process for that matter? Then you would love to engage in some of the routines that will surprise you beyond doubt. Following on the footsteps of popular fahionistas like Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, here are some that you too could give an interesting try. Although keep in mind some of them are seriously bizarre.
1. Wine taken in proper proportions can be good for your healthy. But what if it could also benefit you from the outside. Here’s a bath tub where instead of finding warm water filled in with all the aromatic fragrances, you see it full of red wine. All you have to do is get into the tub and enjoy a good soak. This spa treatment has takers in several spas around Japan and Korea. Its rejuvenating effect towards the skin cannot be overlooked.

2. If you have ever experienced a bee bite, you probably know very well when it swells and really stings. Thanks to the acidic toxin present in its tentacles. But what if the same venom could be a boon to your beauty that too without actually hurting this time? This bee venom treatment is quite a trend in vogue. The venom acts as a hydrating medium and is effective against wrinkles making you look younger and get a glow to the face. Time to act against the ever increasing signs of aging.

3. Now here is one really slimy treatment. People have already begun experimenting on a beauty treatment called as the snail facial. This particular regime which is said to be a rich source of protein for the skin. The snail’s mucus is basically rich in antioxidant properties along with getting a glow on the face. Claimed to be a faster effect thanks to the slowest animal on earth, you can opt for its slimy effect for a change.
4. So, it is a fine day and you are out for a stroll when suddenly, a bird passes by and its droppings fall on your coat? Well, the reaction is universal. Ever thought that this same thing could work wonders on your skin? Well, you might be wearing that disgusted expression again, but the excreta obtained from the nightingale are in fact finding many new takers around the world not just for today but since a long time in the east. These droppings mixed with the rice husks and available in the form of powder are treated well in the labs so that there is no factor causing harm and remove any bad odor. This when mixed with water in proper contents provides a great facial treatment and as a cleansing agent for the skin.

5. Thinking of getting a natural pedicure. The Garra rufa fish or the ‘nibblers’ are what you should be looking for. In this routine the customers are made to immerse their feet in a tank or pond full of those fishes and relax. The fishes will do all the work. Their biting well not exactly since they are no toothies, will at the most give you a tingling effect but definitely won’t hurt as they feed on the dead skin and even effective against certain injuries of the feet. After a matter of a few minutes you come out of the water with a smile and the feet nicely pedicured.

6. The hot summers might make you crave for anything cold. In case you don’t have the holiday to make a trip through the mountains, you can enjoy the snow at your spa. A means to relax or in the literal sense chillax completely, you can find snowflakes generated in the room and a chill climate is created along with some cold wind. So opt for it if you can take the heat no more!

7. This one is about caviar facial that undoubtedly needs a mention. Frozen caviar is smashed out and used to spread across the face. This smelly face beauty procedure works against several factors ranging from acting as a huge source of vitamins and necessary proteins for the skin to improving the texture of the skin instantly rejuvenate your face. It’s absorbed into the skin by way of an electric current, which treats fine lines and wrinkles under the surface. It is also a great way to moisturize the skin.

8. This one is surely not for people with a phobia for reptiles, especially snakes. Imagine yourself in the company of several colorful snakes. Reminds you of the reptile stunts on the reality show Fear Factor? The thing to be relieved about is that they are not poisonous at all and never bite. In fact get ready for a soothing and tingling effect. They can be really helpful. It is for you to dare to visit a spa that slithers.