Why pole dancing is such a rage

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Ever heard of pole dancing?I bet you have and if you are a television buff like me you would know that it had found its way even in India’s Got Talent!

It is a new way to reach our desired body type as I believe that there are so many likes me who are thin but would like to have a more toned and athletic body.Pole Dancing can give you just that. It is a workout regime open for women of all age,shape and sizes.(But then there is nothing we cant do if we put our heart into it)

It requires you to support your body with the help of a pole.Some consider it to be a dance form ,others a fitness regime but the experts have agreed that it can be both! A fun way to a fitter you.Like other fitness regimes such as Zhumba,pilates,this form is also influenced from the west with celebrities like Malaika  Arora Khan, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart and many more performing it to have a toned and flexible body.

Every fitness regime comes with benefits but we usually have to pay a big price to achieve our desired body shape and usually it is not in the comfort of our home.

Even though some of the parts of these routines is constantly under the public radar,it surely has quite a few benefits.

The benefits of pole dancing for fitness are as follows:

  1. Since you actually need to pull your whole body with the help of your hands and legs.It helps to build up your core strength and also increases the stamina in your arms and legs.It is one workout which involves every inch of muscle in your body hence can give you the desired toned body in a short span of time.It even improves your body balance and flexibility. The most important benefit of this form of workout is that it’s a form of dance and who doesn’t love dancing?!You can always change the rhythm and the speed of your routine by choosing moody slow or chirpy peppy numbers.(In short,be your own DJ!)
  2. You can make it your own form of workout  by inventing new tricks and form of dancing.There is no right or wrong way of doing a pole dance.Something which other workouts doesn’t offer or you can always lool up you tube for new ideas.Hence you can suit yourself according to your body type by starting with the simplest of steps and change the routine by choosing steps which requires more strength and stability once your body gets used to your former routine.(A change always keeps things interesting and prevents it from turning into some monotonous form of fitness routine)A good thing for people who get bored easily.Best part-you can change your routine when you feel comfortable and not when someone tells you to change.This way you tend to understand your body better and have fun instead of exerting yourself beyond your limits and later finding excuses to drop it due to various muscular and joint pains in your body.
  3. Other advantage is that you can do it in the comfort of the four walls you call home.You can install a pole at your home but make sure that you have ample space to move around it.It does not require any special clothing or equipments .You just have to wear clothes you are comfortable in.(Now that’s a sweet deal)In fact experts encourage to try pole dancing without wearing shoes to get a better grip and hence a better balance for your workout.
  4.  Its effects-it helps you to achieve a more toned body and increased flexibility.People can also lose weight quick and easy with this form of workout.It would strengthen your bones and muscles which will be beneficial for a longer, healthier and fitter lifestyle.It even helps you to improve your body posture. Also,you cannot ignore the amount of confidence you gain when you feel good about your body which you would definitely feel if you try it!
  5. As every workout requires a bit of concentration,this is no different.Even this workout has the risks of injuring oneself.So you need to be absolutely confident about yourself and only try versatile moves when you are comfortable holding your body and also balancing it.It is always better to have a warm up session before jumping on the pole.It would help you to relax your muscles and hence have a better practice session.Your warm sessions should surely involve push-ups and sit-ups to help build up power in your arms and legs.Pole dancing requires your body to be strengthened so you need to give your body an idea as to what you are going to subject it to!Warming up also helps your body to use up the reserved energy efficienly.It is a must before every work out session.


So try this new form of workout  plus dance this season and fall in love with the  stronger,fitter you and take the world by storm with your newly developed confidence!Be the brave and head strong girl you always wanted to be!

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.