Quit using your dad’s shaving cream

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Women are usually appalled by hairy skin. It is a mystery as to why they prefer men with body hair, when they cannot tolerate even a strand on their body. Waxing, removing or even shaving is essential, especially when they have to attend parties in their bikinis or Aztec mini skirts. However, unfortunately many of us (me included) have extremely sensitive skin. Due to such a horrid characteristic, we cannot wax or use removing creams, because after that the surface of our dermis gets covered with red blisters or rashes which start itching bad. So in order to avoid this sort of an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation, we have started using the razors. Shaving surely has it’s side effects, like extremely high hair growth rate and it also harms the skin to a certain extent. But we have no choice, since we cannot really roam around like furry bears. Shaving is also a convenient method since it is quick and hassle free, as long as you do not end up cutting yourself with the blade. Now, the only problem with shaving is the shaving cream. No woman fancies using their father’s Gillette shaving foam. Imagine your boyfriend asking you why you smell like a man. That is just embarrassing. That is way too manly for us to handle, so instead here is a list of shaving foams that we can use without feeling or smelling like a man. Also these alternatives will actually help in keeping your skin smooth at an extremely minimal price range.

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Yes I know your conditioners are highly expensive, but no one is asking you to use that. Just buy a cheap hair conditioner from the drug store and shave away. The hydrating and moisturising effect of the conditioner will keep your skin silky smooth and glossy. Therefore in case you run out of your usual shaving foam, do not hesitate to dab some conditioner on.

Remember to be careful with this one, you know you can slip very easily with oil around. Also make sure that your hand is absolutely oil free so that the razor does not slip from your fragile fingers. Baby oil is advisable since it makes sure that the razor blades just manage to glide over the surface and reduces the chances of nicking your legs. The best part the oil is that you can see right through and this helps in effectively cleaning your legs.


Moisturisers serve as another alternative since they are good at hydrating and moisturising the skin, which is the most desirable factor. Especially when the steam from the shower opens your pores, the conditioning effect of the lotion penetrates deeper into your pores. Using this particular product keeps makes your legs feel like satin.

Honey is perfect for your skin. It nourishes the skin and enhances skin health. Using raw honey as a shaving foam moisturises your legs and making the skin soft.

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Coconut oil is the best product for shaving. If you are prone to razor burns then coconut oil is the product you  need. It is endowed with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which prevents razor burns from occurring. The most important bit is that it moisturises your skin after a shave.

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For the ones with coarse hair, Shea butter is the answer. The Shea butter keeps your body hair moisturised, making it soft and easier to be removed by the razor.

Ladies you ought to know this by now that Aloe Vera gel can literally solve all your beauty issues, even problems like shaving when you have sun burns. In this particular context, it can prevent burns and it will cool your legs and ensure a better and painless shave.

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The most viable option when you have not done your groceries, is body soap. We never run out of body soap and it is far less expensive from shaving foams and also the only product that remains after the above stated products are all finished. If you have a soap which moisturises your skin, then nothing better can get the job done, at the same time leave your skin smooth and silky.

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Ladies, it is time to let go off your the shaving foams, which claim to keep your skin hydrated, and resort to some basic remedies which guarantee smooth and flawless skin after a shave. The best part about these products are that they are easily available and also rather cheap. So do not be afraid of harming your skin with the blades and remember to ex-foliate your skin before you shave; that way the dead skin does not clog up the blades and you get your smooth shave. Using products which leave your skin moisturised is also essential since your skin needs to be soft. Make sure you use long strokes with the perfect razor, at the end of the shower for the best shaving experience. Shaving after the shower is advised, for your pores open up after all the steam and hot water, making it easier to shave.