Quitting Alcohol: A Rough Guide

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You’re reading this article, it simply means you want to know how to quit alcohol. Well, that’s a good news. Before going into the details, the main thing that you need to remember is that quitting anything needs a driving force. A motivation, which must be stronger than the cause of drinking. That motivation doesn’t come suddenly. Various stimulants around you grow this motivation, and they keep adding up the resistance.

Let’s first see a few ways to enhance this motivation of giving up upon drinking, which could fight with your urge to drink alcohol. Go through the following points:

  • Missed an important thing because you were drunk and lost somewhere you don’t remember? Well, you won’t be like that anymore. Now miss nothing because of alcohol effects.
  • You’re technically saved from a lot of mishaps that a drunk person may create because of the lack of a stable mind. Yeah, including all those accidents too that happen all over the years with the reason “drink and drive”. Chill out, you’re free from them.


  • Money, more money $$$. Usually a drunkard spends a significant portion of his income from various sources into alcohol. What do they get in return? Just a feel of being high for a while which comes along with the danger of literally tens of other bad things. Stop drinking and you’ll be able to save a lot. Thank me later, now you could go ad enjoy movies, have dinner at that special restaurant or save a little to build your collection and buy that Mercedes.
  • Time. Yeah, I said it earlier, though in different manner. Time is money, so indirectly, you’re spending a lot upon the hangover times. That time could be invested for something productive (I mean both, literally and figuratively ;) ).
  • Diseases. Over usage of alcohol may lead to many liver diseases. You’re liver will burn like hell and it won’t function properly. Actually, there’s a limit of how much alcohol the human liver can metabolize. Drink more than that, and it may cause poisoning.

About 95% of total alcohol consumed is metabolized by the liver, rest of the 5% comes out by sweat, urinals etc. About one fourth of the alcohol you drink is quickly absorbed directly by the blood stream (which is responsible for feeling high). The liver converts alcohol to acetaldehyde followed by acetate, which eventually leads to carbon dioxide and water. The liver takes about an hour to metabolize 10 grams of alcohol. Make the liver work for longer times, and it’ll fail and probably send you to the hospital. Again, hospital will absorb your precious time as well as the money. Well, just for the sake of closure, I’d like to mention some of the diseases that alcohol consuming people were reportedly diagnosed with: Anemia, cancer, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, seizures, depression, nerve damages, pancreatitis…well, the list is too long and I’m too lazy to write all. Just take my words or google it yourself the way I did.

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  • You’ll feel like a winner. There is a famous quote “what you think, you become”. Quit alcohol and you’ll be proud of yourself and you’ll picture yourself as an achiever. Which, in turn, will help you being the achiever at different other aspects of the life too!
  • Last but not the least, happiness is what all matters. Ask your heart whether you really want to quit or not. If you’ll be happy to quit alcohol, you should do it. If you won’t be happy, better not read my article and go and buy some booze to quench the never ending thirst.


So, I guess the points given above must have boosted your motivation to quit alcohol. Now let us begin with the actual work of quitting, again, point by point:

  • Stop being with the people who are your drinking partners. The reason is easy, you’ll be with them and then they’ll convince you somehow to drink again. This could be difficult at times, but if you’re really determined enough, you will have to leave the group.
  • Go and talk to a good doctor. Giving up alcohol at once could cause some serious health issues, physical as well as mental. Rapid heart-beats, high level anxiety, sometimes depression – these could be some of the drawbacks of sudden withdrawal. The condition could get worst, so consulting a doctor is a wise decision.
  • Slowly begin to reduce the alcohol consumption. If you used to drink 3 bottles a day, then making it zero at once could create troubles. Make it 2, then gradually, come upon a single bottle a day. No steep changes. The feeling after a hangover is quite bad. You can think about that phase before drinking and it might help you in reducing the consumption.
  • Eat a lot of food, drink enough amounts of water. It’ll keep giving your mind the signal of being full, which will further make you consume relatively lower amounts of alcohol.
  • Some of the alcoholics drink routinely, that is, at specific times during a day. If you’re one of them, then you should consider about changing you schedule of work and other stuff and try to keep yourself busy at times.
  • Eat healthy and feel the change of the new achiever you. You could have a great time even when you don’t drink. Reward yourself for every milestone you cover!

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