Rapunzels’ mane problems: not the promised fairytale

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We love having gorgeously long hair. Especially because of the way the curves fall near the end and how silky and shiny our tresses look when open. We love our tresses dearly, but at the same time feel extremely guilty while chopping them off. Seeing the effort of probably a year lying on the floor of the salon is what real pain feels like. But maintaining our long mane is a painful process not to mention expensive as well. Other women envy your stands without truly understanding the effort that goes in to making them look that gorgeous. So since our strands take up so much of our time and attention, it is only fair for the world to know about the tress stresses!

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The most time consuming aspect of having waist long hair is trying to shampoo and condition it within a given time frame. None of us can just skip to the shower and be done in ten minutes. The Rapunzels need a good long hour or a minimum of 45 minutes at least. Usually only shampooing your strands is not enough, conditioning is a priority as well. Then the process of leaving the conditioner on for five minutes is all very time consuming.

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2. Drying:
Girl if you have long hair, you will know this very well. Drying your long mane will take ages. Literally, it takes hours for the strands to dry out completely. And most of the time, it gets mingled with sweat and that just leads to another long shampoo session and painful hands.


3. Headache:
Yes the ones with the long and thick hair will know this one well. Your hair is the source of jealousy and envy. But little do the others know how painful it is to keep your hair tied up all day. It is almost impossible. Headaches because of heavy hair, when tied up, is a common problem, which till date has only one solution we all dread! That is the stylist’s scissors. People are dumb and fail to understand the weight we carry with us all day.

4. Styling:
Blow drying, curling, straightening, smoothing all these styling processes take at least an hour or two but never less. Specially when you are doing it at home. Not to mention the patience level required to continue doing it and the sore arms and shoulders we are left with once the mammoth task is complete.

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5. Brushing:
Trying to brush your hair three times a day will take up all your “me time”. The only good thing about this is that it leaves you with really toned arms.


6. Depleting resources:
Our shampoos, conditioners and all other hair products somehow get over in the wink of an eye just because of the extremely high demanding volumes of our thick mane. To maintain such expensive hair, we ladies are pretty much capable of going completely broke. But no compromise with the products at any cost. Our hair is our asset.

7. Hair tie issues:
So we still have not been able to find the right hair tie which is not too lose nor extremely tight for our hair. Having this particular combination can totally make our life so much easier. But no, at times looking for the perfect hair tie feels like a quest for the Holy Grail.

8. Gets stuck everywhere:
So from the zip of a dress, to our lip gloss and sometimes in the bend of our glasses, hair gets stuck everywhere. The most annoying thing happens when you are busy lip – locking with your guy, your hair has to mess it up and somehow get stuck in your mouth. Talk about being embarrassed. It even disrupts cuddle time by getting stuck under his elbow or your back.


9. Towel:
I am sure all women with long hair have their own set of hair towels, yes guys you will never understand this concept. Our hair needs to wrapped in its own towel which has to be a soft and light one. Even when we travel, this is one thing we never fail to carry.

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10. If its windy, stay at home:
People enjoy windy or breezy weather. We want to enjoy it as well but we cannot. Our hair starts flying in every direction even when it is tied up, a lose strand will start flying in our face and our eyes. So more the wind more is our irritation.


11. Bun is not the solution:
We do try to keep our hair neatly tied up in a bun, but it is difficult because of headaches and also because our heavy hair refuses to be curbed. It has a mind of its own. If it wants to be free, there is nothing you can do about it.

The whole point of this article was to share the commonly faced problems of long tresses by ladies across the globe. It was more like sharing our issues over something we all face and deeply feel about. Specially the problem of  a bad hair day, when there is literally nothing to do if your hair is too long and all the focus somehow is always on it. Cheers to all the ladies who keep struggling against the odds of hair stresses.