Why Reading is good for You

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You must have probably heard many people speak about how reading can be beneficial for the health of a person. Now, an avid reader would definitely agree to it without any second thought. On the other hand the folks who do not enjoy reading a book that much turns a deaf ear to the term. This is especially seen amongst the social networkers who spend ample of hours on social media and television. The only time they hold a book is perhaps before their final exams and that too because it is imperative for them! Most importantly you don’t just need to love reading books. You also need to possess some amount of patience, understanding and concentration so that you can keep up with the story line. Engaging in several hours of going through a book can be a monotonous task for some.
Often people assume that reading is just meant for pleasure. But the fact is that it is not merely another leisure pursuit, or a means of enhancing the knowledge or vocabulary skills. As a matter of fact, its use in terms of a good health is also widely known. Thus, it might even be good for your mental and physical health. Reading can benefit your mental health by keeping away solitude and stay away from any kind of strain. This habit keeps the worries of personal and professional problems at bay. Reading may be beneficial physically as well by reducing the brain aging process and preventing disease.
Research states that reading helps to widen attention spans in kids and improves their ability to start thinking clearly. It is helpful in boosting our imagination skills and you can actually start picturing the whole story through the minute details provided by the authors and extend your imagination scope. Imagining a series of events in a book gives the perfect feel towards powering the brain. As a result we start believing in dreams and can even strive towards making them true. Your brain stimulates real time experiences, making you a part of the tale. Stories in books have a structure that encourages our brains to think in an organized way. We learn to link the reasons, effects and significances in a proper thread and tat too in a proper sequential manner. Parents should make it a point to imbibe the habit of reading amongst kids from a very young age so that their mind develops into a more flexible structure in the process of growing up. Parents can start by reading out stories to their children which help their brains to develop the ability to analyze the story line. Even better would be if they could read along with the kids and develop in them the required interest. In fact when it comes to reward your child with something, good story books are a great way to reward. It leads to a significant rise in the level of concentration which helps at different stages of the kid’s life.


Indulging in various books from around different corners of the world opens the windows towards our understanding of different cultures. We began to realize the similarities or differences and point of views of different people from various places and identify with their thoughts and intellect of those people. It is especially necessary for the youth of this generation as there has been an incredible decline in their empathy levels. With the increasing dependency on various technologies such as computers, mobile phones and spending of leisure time through watching television or playing video play-station games, the books seldom make their way out of the shelves. Also, people find it tedious to carry around a bulky book with them for reading and give up the thought of reading any further. But there is a solution for this as well. Several book apps are available in the market at the click of a button. Also it has become easier to download e-books into you Samsung notebook or Micromax Canvas phones and swipe through the story without having to worry about any excess load carriage.


Most importantly, just as the body needs to indulge in some or the other form of physical activity, in a similar manner the brain can be exercised through engaging in the habit of reading. You imagine, correlate, understand, interpret and absorb new information in the form of the texts. Just take the examples of the various sci-fiction stories. Almost everyone must have watched the Harry potter movies. Avid readers of J.K. Rowling who is the author of this famous series will agree to the fact that the amount of details provided in the books couldn’t be showcased completely in the movies at times. It was also difficult to cover all the series of events involved in the book through a three hour movie. So next time you want to get the complete feel of the story, no matter how well the movie has been produced and received by the audience and critics, make it a point to read through the book at least once. You are sure to enjoy it to the fullest. It is a different impetus when you get engaged in book in other words get lost into the pages of the books. It affects your life processes in a positive way. All in all, it is probably the most relaxing way to calm and de-stress your mind.