The Real You or The Ego. Who Is Gonna Win?

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How to deal with ego? Is ego good or bad? Should ‘I’ embrace it or should ‘I’ get rid of it? Many of know someone with a massive ego who is high on his senses. This normally imply that they are full of themselves, boastful, arrogant and cocky. We are drawn to humble people who don’t carry this gigantic ego. Ego is a Latin word for “I” and Sigmund Freud made this term popular when he talked of the ego being the conscious part of ourselves that deals with reality. The ego is the mediator between morality and being unconscious. Everybody has his different take on this. I have my own. How ‘I’ see it is that ego is outer shell of ourselves. It is now who we are. The ego is neither negative nor positive. The ego only becomes a problem when we identify with it. We all are multi dimensional beings having the human experience. The ego is the persona and a mask many of us carry around. It is the protective layer like sunglasses.


The more we become in tune with our heart space the more we remove the ego from the driving seat. Because the ego is an expression of ourselves but it is not a hundred percent who we are. There is no ego without comparison. “I am the greatest.” “I am the best.” “Nobody is better than me.” These all sentences come from our ego. But actually ego is created through fear. The only way to deal with ego is to let go of society’s expectations. It is to, in essence, stop comparing yourself to other people. Ego always wants to compete because it is all about survival. That is why ego is linked to the mind not the heart. The heart doesn’t live in the ego because the heart does not need to survive. It knows it will prevail in any situation. Thats why they say that heart knows the best. The heart doesn’t know anything about fear. We all know that fear is nothing but a false evidence appearing real. The ego deals with external stimulation all the time. “What do people think of me?” “Should i do this or should ‘I’ do that?” But the heart is in knowing.


To deal with ego, we have to remind ourselves that we have to let go of control. The ego is all about controlling the situation. The ego never wants to be wrong. It always wants to be right. Because the ego is afraid and that is the key thing here. It is not about putting your ego in a chamber and burying it. It is about becoming aware of the ego. The ego lives in separation. Just remember, there is no ‘I’ without ‘We’. Separation is the greatest illusion ever created because everything is connected in this world. Everything works in a symbiotic relationship with each other. We are all codependent on one another and that is how it works in the universe. The ego helps us to tune into the right frequency otherwise we would go with anything and we would follow anyone. The ego helps us think that we are different. That is the self love coming through. The ego helps us activate self love. Many of us have been in a group and we are not resonating with energy there. What helps us come out of that group is the ego. Now should we call this thing the ego. No. This is actually self love and self worth.


When we look why many of us are drawn to humble people, we see that it is because they are stripping away the layers of who they think they are.They are in their heart space and letting go of the mind. In essence, they are tapping into their senses so we feel a very pure energy coming from them. They are not wearing the mask which is the ego. They are showing their true authentic selves. Many of us have mantras we say. Ego Mantras. “I am wonderful” “I am happy” “I am free” and this is fantastic for reawakening and captivating the DNA within us. The problem of the ego starts when we see ego as ourselves. As ‘I’ said earlier, ego is separation. That is why people who have a massive ego, feel superior to other people. Everything is based on perception. There are no good or bad people. There is only resonance. We have to use the ego, not get used by the ego. We can only tap into ourselves through our heart. There is no thinking involved and it is just stepping into being. Many of us are trapped in the ego and why other people get irritated by this is because of the defensive nature. To deal with ego we have to learn to surrender and to be who we are really. The ego is not the real you. We have to question our motives for why we do certain things. Are we doing them because we want to or to gain other people’s approval. We have to know ourselves. So, ego is good until it becomes you. It is necessary to remain your true self and have a great human experience on earth.