Realizing Expectations and Goals in Life

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Whatever the field, whatever your style, you have always been in the process of setting goals all your life. As a toddler you started walking and then went on to climb the chairs and sofas when you soon realized you even want to get onto a table by yourself. You did whatever you saw around you. Learning a sport has never been an easy event in any person’s life. As a child you probably fell several times before you could master the art of riding your bicycle. Same goes for an adult trying to drive a geared bike for the first few times. All you had to do was keep continuing your persevering efforts. Every individual sets some or the other goals for himself. A school kid might prepare a time table so that he may keep track of his studies and complete his homework on time. It is our mother’s objective to daily get up early in the morning, prepare breakfast, send the children to school and ultimately start on with her other home chores or outside work. As a kid setting goals is not a very serious thing. Sometimes it is just for mere enjoyment and entertainment like winning a game of carom with your friends or getting a high score in your video games. But with age comes some serious element into the job of objective setting. The goals you make now become more important. This starts perhaps from your teenage years as you move into hobbies and habits that may be either give fruitful or disastrous consequences. Choosing your field of interest in studies, career, political views, social outlook, morale everything matters in the long run.
To take charge of your life you need to delve into your priorities. After all you cannot decide for yourself if have no clue as to what it stands for. You need to find out your beliefs, where your faith lies, what your feelings are. You may have your own opinions about several aspects like religion, politics, economics, globalization, war, and various other policies. But you need to be sure of what you stand for. Never get carried away with crowd. This is seen amongst most college freshers wherein many of them take up a course just because his or her friends find that useful. Parental pressure is another such aspect to be considered along with this phenomenon of peer pressure.
Knowing about your needs and being willing to take care of your own needs will enable you to become self dependent. You gain independence and self reliance by counting on and caring for yourself. Caring for and loving yourself means that you are free to choose whatever you love. It will not make you desperate to find love from outside, you won’t even have to strive to achieve it forcibly and most important of all you need not compromise on your values. The ones who give on themselves for love become slaves to it. If you are intending to treat yourself well and gain the same kind of treatment from your counterparts, keep yourself happy, active and healthy. Only then people will want to make friendship with you.
Having a plan, either a life plan or a plan of action for your immediate future, will help you feel there is direction to life. It is easy to drift through life, doing what others do or what other people expect you to do- but what are your goals for yourself? A one year plan, five year plan, ten year plan, twenty year plan and so on and so forth needs to be rolled out. Fantasizing and day dreaming help you try out as many kinds of life plans as you want in life. Thus, have fun imagining yourself in lots of several types of lifestyles. Find out for yourself what feels good, looks like fun and gives you the satisfaction that you are looking for.

Here are a few ways to know and understand yourself better:
1. You can start by listing down all the things that mean important to you maybe in your career, relationships or other endeavors and discuss it with a close person.
2. Make a list of the qualities that you possess and reflect on the way they affect your life at present.
3. Make another list of qualities you would like to develop and make known to everyone and imagine the impacts it creates after 10 years.
4. Make another list of what you would want to do in the future. Picture yourself on aspects like whom do you want to be with, where do you want to live, how many close friends you will have, how you will enjoy your life, how you will accomplish each of your important goals.


Setting long-term Goals

Also make a list of your goals not only for the coming years but on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Keep revising them according to the requirements. In this way keeping a track of your goals will take you one step closer towards fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. If you know where you are going you are more likely to get there.