Refresh and Retry.

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With the progress of technology, our brain and other activities have suffered a regress. Writing with proper spellings and correct grammar doesn’t require a dictionary anymore, for, there’s Autocorrect and Autosuggest. Telling friends about a recent star spotting doesn’t have to wait for a phone call. Let alone an email. There’s WhatsApp or Hike Messenger. Hungry tourists or everyday commuters don’t have to walk for miles or ask others about places to eat in. There is Zomato. Missed a class lecture? Or,what your boss said about the new project? Fret not. Chances are, a classmate or a co-worker was recording it on the sly and has uploaded it on YouTube or maybe in a Facebook or WhatsApp group. There. No fear of missing the “authentic” notes and information. Nowadays, you don’t need to have extraordinary people skills to convince that long time special person that you’re not gonna be in it for the long run. Just upload some pictures of yourself alone or with another person in your Facebook or any other social profile,without letting the other person know, and change the relationship status. Or do it over WhatsApp and block it from unwanted people. The same goes for hooking up. No butterflies in the stomach or parched mouth before popping the question or simply gathering up the courage to talk for the first time. Just find ‘em on any social networking site, add them and strike up a conversation. The fun part would be stalking their accounts and trying to determine their characters,choices and tastes from their posts, pictures and so on. Feeling rather hot lately? You don’t have to wait to check the TV, newspaper or radio to know about weather updates. Just download the app from the Google Play Store or Nokia Store and enjoy reading the temperature and planning your next move. And if your next move involves chilling out at a movie hall, don’t worry about getting the tickets. Just go to any website such as BookMyShow, and there you go. Tickets for the movie. Same for booking train tickets, looking up hotels and other stuff about tourist attractions, trips and so on. Afraid of missing the latest discounts because you possibly can’t go out and haggle over the price in such weather? Keep calm and browse through Flipkart or Jabong or Myntra. No sweat. No haggling. No getting stuck in traffic snarls or have the sun breathing down your necks. No walking for hours along crowded footpaths in search of the perfect deal. No waiting with bated breath to reach home and try out the new clothes and comment on how the other shop or dress would have been a better choice. Clothes,books,shoes,jewellery and other necessities are coming to you. For you.

The rush of adrenaline on receiving a “Yes” after popping the question, the euphoria of having bought the best at the cheapest after haggling for what seemed like an hour, the contentment of having retained the knowledge acquired during childhood,the happiness of leading a life of pleasures yet to be experienced,still to be seen… All taken care of by the mouse or the phone. The latter turning out to be much more useful than originally thought and developing more than the plastic skin it was initially made with. Pretty smart. And not to mention,helpful as well. So much can be done without moving more than two fingers. Who knew? Human life,after all,is based on mobility. A little tap, tap, tap. And some click,click,click. Voilà! You are free from care. If only we could reduce the stress by pressing the “Stress” key downwards. Or reverse the panic by simply pulling out the “Panic Cord”. Now these might take some time to be invented. 5 years, tops. In the meantime let’s try to entirely forget the bad things that happened to us in the past and reduce our mental burden. Oh wait. Can’t do that. If only we could just hit the “Delete” button and be done with it. Just like a computer or smartphone keyboard. Selected memories gone. Only happy ones retained. Phew. So much space would have been made for new memories and information to be stored. Hope that one is invented sooner than later. We are all in need of space. To breathe and live our lives. Time is running out and hence so many inventions and innovations to save time and utilize it in the best possible manner. If only there was a “Power” button to switch off our minds for a few hours and then wake up feeling fresh and recharged, with no trace of the stress and the regrets of the past.
But you can’t just go back. Not yet. No option to undo or redo the events of the past. Unfortunately,no time machine has been invented. And there is no invisible portal through which you can revisit the past. And,you can’t even turn back the clock! Technology has come so far,if only it went a step further… If only it was easier to flit between the past and the present without getting caught up in the flux. Wait. That would require a “Back” button, wouldn’t it?

It’s hard to believe that people can be so dependent on technology and forget the basic joys and necessities of life. It’s not as if such developments weren’t a part of our lives before. They were in very subtle forms and at a much lesser degree. The television,refrigerator,washing machine,telephone,the computer and other such inventions meant to make life easier were already present, ten years back as well. But with gadgets designed to give life that extra edge and bring in the sense of total control was almost like the final nail nail on the coffin.

It’s the power to do everything that brings in dissatisfaction and stress in our lives. We often forget,that “with great power,comes great responsibility”, and indulge n the pleasures offered by this momentary power. Just how difficult would it be to continue life without the use of so much of gadgets? Why not reduce their usage and make our lives simpler and healthier? it’s already too late to make a typical “New Year Resolution”,but it’s never too late to do the right thing. Let’s all just resolve to use technology only as much as needed and teach our future generations the healthy way of life. Let’s just all try to be powerful in controlling a healthy way of life. Let’s just live. Even if it’s for a while.

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