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Regrets are common for every person in this world. There is most probably no single person in this universe who has no regrets in his lifetime! So, there arises a question that, is it really possible for a person in his twenties to regret for his deeds? We all know that whenever we come across a failure in our life, we learn something! This is fairly common among the youth. So, is regretting really possible?

Well, any one can regret as I mentioned above and it means that any one of any age can regret of not doing something in a correct manner or even not doing something at all. It can also be for choosing a wrong step or taking a wrong decision. Regrets are nothing but those alternatives or possibilities what we think in a relative future that could have been better today or yesterday!

Every person in his twenties almost needs to maintain his fitness and health. But, many people as we know neglect the fact that they need exercises to their body during this age when a person is likely to become more matured and the growth of muscles and fat is more during this period. When we do not exercise, we are surely going to regret about it!

We all know that the young people are active than the old. The youth run more and are also more stronger compared to the adults and aged people. But, many people around us usually waste their youth life by not being more active. They do not participate in more of physical activities. They do not participate in a marathon. They do not join the volleyball or football team and do not walk and run. It is always better to be physically more active before their joints start aching and muscles start paining in their life! Or else, they regret again.

The most common factor in life is risk. We are all prone to some or the other types of risks but we humans at the same time are afraid of taking risks. It can be due to various reasons but the most common one is the fear of failure. We all pretend to play safe in our lives as much as possible. Yet, during our twenties it is always a better option to take some risk like venturing something new or studying a unique course. But, yes! risk has to be a calculated one yet, when we force ourselves from not taking such risks, we do regret about it in life later on! We all know that youth comes only once in our lifetime and we need to make the best possible use of it for the growth of our future.

We all know that people rush a lot in their lives and many are so eager to buy a house by their early twenties! Well, there is no such hard and fast rule that we should settle down so fast in life! Many parents get their children (especially daughters in India) married soon even though if they are willing to pursue their higher education. There are no such rules that the children have to get married or join a job before turning 23! Let them study hard and acquire vast knowledge. They too get youth only once and they do regret about it when they turn 30 and so do those parents for their decisions. Well, go slow. There is nothing to be hurry of and take wrong decisions. Life is all ours and we have plenty of time in it.

During our twenties when we are still not yet engaged with our dream partners most of the times, we tend to spend more time towards our friends. It is often common for a college going lad to have a bunch of friends who are nothing but taking away some of his precious time and deviating him most of the time from his actual aims and ambitions. So, it is always better for a twenty-something youth to choose friends who are worth truly for his time spent on them or else he is more likely to regret about it too in the near future.

Usually for every person in their twenties, there are no much obligations and thus it is always a good idea to move abroad and explore different opportunities. It is the perfect time for people to grow up and move themselves overseas for some duration and experience a great feeling from travelling to long distances. It is surely worth taking this extreme step especially when people can learn different cultures and also they are away from their own comfort zone and it surely is a grest way to learn and experience different perspectives of the world.

The twenties’ age is something which is a turning point for every person in his or her life to build their future apparently. We may either brighten up our future or fill it with darkness. Everything depends on how active, well planned and behaved our twenties would be. Even a small wrong step here could be a reason for us to regret later on.

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