Revolution 2014 and After

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Some date/some month/2009.

Dear diary, I’ve been unable to write for some time. I’m so sorry. It’s just that I’ve been so busy for the past few days. Ma’am says I should work harder, specially in Mathematics and the Sciences. I really want to score well in these two groups, but I just can’t concentrate. It’s not that it’s just these subjects. Lately, my thoughts are getting distracted a lot. I’m pretty sure all the teachers are going to complain soon. Oh my. What if they complain to Mum and Dad? What are my friends going to think of me?

I was saying that I’m getting distracted nowadays. Do you know why? It’s because of this particular guy in school. I see him every single day at school and my heart skips a beat and my mouth becomes dry each time I see him and we happen to make eye contact. He is tall, lanky and has this tuft of hair sticking out over his forehead, that makes him look so cute. I know I’ll never have the courage to speak with him, let alone knowing about him. I can’t ask anyone about him, because it’s sure to become gossip and he’ll hate me.

What does he like to eat? What are his hobbies? Does he read Paulo Coelho? Or just sports mags that display hot girls on bikes?

These are usually my thoughts about him, everytime I sit with my books. Am I losing it? It’s not like I want to date him and eventually sleep with him, but I just wanna talk to him and know about him. He’s probably got a girlfriend and obviously doesn’t know that I exist. Sigh. My life’s miseries are never going to end.

Goodnight for now. I’ll write again when I’ll be a little free.


Cut to 2014. The age of new knowledge and means of making the most out of your insipid lives and displaying the “good life” to people. Known and unknown.

Some day/some month/2014.

Dear D, I’m so screwed,I tell you. Everyone is like “When are you gonna start studying? What’s wrong with you?” and I’m like. “That’s none of your business. I’m just bored with my study books. Gimme a break.” Aaaarrrggghhh. And that cute guy I try to bump into every single day. He’s single. Well at least his Facebook status says so. I haven’t checked his G+ profile though. I couldn’t care less. I just wanna go out with him. I’ve stalked him long enough on social media, and now it’s time to get into action. I mean, come on, it’s not 1991! And if he turns out to be a dork, there’s plenty of fish in the ocean. Okay, gotta go. Don’t go LOL on this stupid entry of mine. OMG. He just gave a new FB dp. He’s looking so cute. I think I’ll make a fake account and add him. Wow. Why didn’t I think of it before?

peer 3

The contrast between the two pages is symbolic of the changing equations of relationships. Youngsters these days have suddenly gone all YOLO(You Only Live Once) and are indulging in a host of reckless activities that not only risk their lives but also the ones involved with theirs. Friendships are fragile. They have always been. But nowadays, only rowdy activities are seen to be having a higher group conformity than those involved in constructive ones.

These youngsters are either too obsessed with something or they don’t care at all. Usually these two activities happen at the same time. They’re obsessed with their supposedly “cool” lives, while having an utter disregard for the rules and even community standards. “Life goes on” is a quote which they have taken a bit too far, with their idea of living an unfettered existence.

Sadly, no human being is free. Freedom is an illusion, which the youngsters are yet to realize. Marijuana and other such substance abuse is on the rise. Apparently, it gives them a “high”, an escape from their regular and monotonous lives. What they fail to realize is, their monotony is created by them. At the age of 18, Alexander the Great had lamented that he had nothing else left to conquer. Unfortunately, for these youngsters, in their race to do everything at the same time and divide their limited attention span to unlimited causes, there is very little left to be done when it actually should be done, resulting in a sort of void that keeps gnawing at their insides and causes a life long frustration that disrupts their lives.

sleep stress

Added to it are the rising pressure of education and jobs, which are not only restricted to a certain social class. “Recreational” drugs, smoking, drinking, casual dating and sex, late night partying, upkeep and maintenance of social status… They are just the tip of the iceberg. Casual sex is among the rise. So is the rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Having multiple partners is a matter of prestige and personal achievement. Something to be boasted of. There’s no point in increasing the tax on tobacco and its derivative products.

A nation’s future depends on its youth. Who’s gonna run the country if the youngsters are busy partying away and strangling their lives with their own hands?

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