The Right Choice V/S The Wrong Choice

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“Should I buy this? Or maybe is the other one better?” “Does this look good? Or does it not?” “Should I take up arts? Or should I go with mathematics?”

So many questions to tackle with everyday. And so many different choices to make.

Life is full of if’s and but’s, should I stuff and should I not stuff. In the struggle of finding the right choice, we often fail to make a right choice for one of the most important things in life- FOOD.

How many times have you reflected on your thoughts and procrastinated over a huge mug of Espresso at Barista? How many times have you met with a close friend and gorged on fastfood? How many times have you just lounged on your sofa and finished up packets of Maggi and Popcorn? Quite a many times.

That exactly is my point. We are rushing towards our goal for a perfect macro picture of a good life, good companions, and beauty and so on; but we are unfortunately ignoring the micro picture of our health that is reflected by what we eat. We cannot forget that by ignoring this micro picture, the macro picture is bound to have defects.

Now that we are talking about food, let me list out some wonderful dishes that will keep your body healthier and your taste buds happier!

Fruit Juice – Easy to prepare. Extremely healthy.


The next time you crave for a fruit with loads of fresh cream and dressings and sweeteners, DO NOT go for it. Sugar is bound to increase your waistline like nothing else, and cream will give loads of unwanted fat.

Go for a fresh fruit juice instead! It helps you beat the summer heat, is extremely nutritious and plus, it tastes absolutely delicious! It quenches your thirst and thus also helps you to keep away from that fattening and acidic soda cans and soft drinks!

Drink healthy, live healthy!

Oatmeal and Cornflakes to the rescue! – Ready in very little time, helps for weight loss.


Keep away from that huge portion of ghee-laden parathas (Indian Bread) and fried pakodas (Indian nuggets) for breakfast. Instead, opt for oatmeal. Instead of going the conventional way by making oatmeal by mixing milk and oats, go for something tastier. Boil the oats in some water and then add cooked vegetables and some spices to it. It adds tastes, is healthy and you can try out different varieties with it!

To take a break from oats, you can also try out different dishes using cornflakes! Try adding raisins and apricots for exotic flavors. Also, adding honey to your regular cornflakes will give it some added flavor!

Dessert cravings! – Everyone loves a dessert, isn’t it? And most of us feel guilty of eating so much of dessert later. Thanks to the slim-is-in funda that is followed today.

But, instead of going for a tub of your favorite ice-cream or that delicious chocolate mousse from that food joint down the corner, opt for a sorbet. It tastes good, comes in smaller proportions, keeps your taste buds satisfied and satisfies your sweet-tooth cravings.

One more important thing that you must never forget is that don’t over-consume any one food or type of food. Instead, try to vary your diet so that you eat a little bit of everything in a moderate amount. Some people might be great at giving up foods like meat, sugar, alcohol, or other foods. However, most of us are likely to give it up for a while, then break down and binge again. Avoid this cycle by allowing yourself to have small “cheats.” For example, if you want to eat less sugar, allow yourself to eat one dessert each Friday or Saturday night and keep away from it for the rest of the week. Having a break to look forward to can help you power through the other days.

Staying hydrated with water is an easy and dramatic way to improve your health and shed pounds, and it helps you feel full for a considerable amount of time! Start drinking water during and after meals to aid digestion, and try to consume between 2 and 3 liters per day. If you feel like snacking, try drinking a full glass of water first. Some people confuse thirst for hunger, and eat a 400- or 500-calorie snack when actually; a glass of water would have helped them feel to feel satiated. If you’re still hungry 15 minutes after your drink, then it’s time for a snack. And then, it is time for some healthy intake of delicious food!


Life is all about choices. The faster you make the better choice, the happier you will be in the long run.