Row your boat

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Are you bored with the regular cardio routines at the gym? Have you lost interest in Zumba, aerobics and all the other fitness routines you have already tried? Well it is time to spice things up a bit. How long has it been since you have hit the lakes, just to enjoy amidst Nature? If you go for a walk early in the morning, you will realise how serene the lakes are. So, how can we integrate such beauty and serenity into our fitness regime? Well it is time to row your boat. Rowing is one the most intense fitness routines which is extremely popular globally. It is not only a extremely effective for your body but also being in a clean atmosphere is soothing for your nerves. Rowing may sound to be an extremely sophisticated program and it sure is, but it is a mammoth task to be able to pull it off and continue doing it. It benefits you both aerobically and anaerobically and is considered of the best calorie fighting routines. And if you are concerned about the lack of lakes in the surrounding areas, you do not have to worry. Various people across the globe have also adopted the exercise in the gym by using the rowing machine. The best thing about this exercise is that your whole body is effected by it – your back, shoulders, arms, legs, chest and abs. It really is an all in one deal. Also, the Hollywood “hotties” who love rowing and do it on a regular basis are Jason Statham, Zac Efron and Josh Hutcherson.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine


Aerobics helps the body muscles to function better. Aerobic benefits include supplying the body with more oxygen to help the cells function more efficiently and remove the accumulated toxins from the cells. Therefore, any form of aerobic workout serves as a benefit.  Usually, most of the aerobic exercises require repeated movements which happens in Rowing. With time your body finds it easier to perform these exercises repeatedly as you get into better shape. Rowing is beneficial because it forces you to make repetitive rowing movements. You use your arms to row, moving your legs up and down to keep your momentum. This in turn increases your heart rate and makes your breathe more often. The oxygen levels increase in your body and rush to your muscles making them function more efficiently. With time and continued practice your body will get accustomed to the exercise and you will reap the benefits.




The anaerobic benefits deal with resistance. Rowing is an exercise where you are constantly faced to deal with resistance, particularly the resistance offered by the water when you are applying your strength to cut through it. While, in the rowing machines it is designed in a way as to stimulate the resistance you would face in the water. The resistance boosts muscle development and increases strength. Due to the rowing motion, which is done against the resistance the oxygen content in the muscles drop significantly and therefore they are pushed harder in aerobic conditions. This is exactly what helps them grow hard and strong.

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A 50 minute Rowing class will leave you sore and sweating. It is absolutely perfect for body sculpting, the continuous rowing motions against high resistance helps develop your arm, chest, back and abs muscles. One hour of rowing can burn up to 1200 calories. Every stroke requires you to work your calves, gluts, triceps, deltoids, hamstrings, quads, pecs, obliques, upper back and lats. Every repetition is essentially a leg press, a dead lift and a row. Plus it increases your heart rate since every muscle in your body is working.

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So it is time to throw out all those protein shakes and start rowing to get working on your muscles. Lets see who has it in them to continue this process throughout. For all those who have done it before can vouch for it being the hip new king of cardio. Rowing is one of the most efficient and intensive fitness routines and if not done properly can turn out to be fatal. So, this is a request to everyone please make sure you consult a trainer before you plan of buying a rowing machine or join a club which has certified trainers who are more than equipped to handle rough situations. The other important thing about this exercise is that in case you happen to have any body issues like Spondylitis or Arthritis, it is best if you consult a physician before beginning the routine for it might just worsen your condition. The best part about rowing is that you have the option of doing it outdoors and it is equally beneficial, if not more, than your regular gym workout sessions. Being out and rowing your way through the lakes has a positive impact on your mind and it temporarily keeps the loud city life at bay, which is also essential. So start looking for rowing classes, grab your friends and hit the lakes, you deserve the break!