Run to a better you

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Have we ever thought of running or walking to wherever we go? Well we all do know the therauptic effects of running but do we always remember it? Running not only cleanses you but also keep you happy, keeps you going and extremely energetic at all times. It creates a whole new opening and you feel out of the world. Where would you start from?

Here are some easy and feasible ways to start off running

-          Take that small step

We often tend to think that to run, we need to run miles but no. Run small. Start small. Run for about 10minutes daily and see the difference. You can jog if you like but keep at it. Keep running for 10minutes only and form that habit wherein you cannot do without running for those precious 10minutes.

-          Form a group

We all live in a society and love talking, gossiping, discussing matters. So why not when we run? While running we are anyway burning out calories so instead of wasting time doing other things why not chit chatting and gossiping with our friends while running. This also increases our productivity to a great level.

-          Try different routes

We might tend to get bored if we go over the same route again and again each day. Instead try different routes, different turns, lanes etc, What works with you on day 1 may not on the next day and these things are hugely time and mood dependant. Try running on slopes or in a children’s park just for fun.

-          Eat well

Food essentially keeps us grounded and defines our immune system. It keeps us alive and running too has its repurcussions. Unless we eat well, we are not going to perform or think well. We need to maintain a healthy mind and body in order to run effectively.

-          Cut down

At times when you think you’re bored of your running routine or are not in the right mood. Don’t run. As simple as that. Because there’s no point in running for the heck of it. You must feel good and alive or else there’s just no point in it.

-          Find other options

If you don’t feel like stepping out of your house say due to rains. Find an alternate solution. That could be running up and down the society staircase or running on the terrace or running around the house. That works too.

-          Make it your hobby

Run each day and if you like it take it to a bigger scale. Run in groups, form clubs, run with random people passionate about it. Participate in marathons. Running a marathon is probably one of the most divine feelings ever, As told by the Olympic marathoner Emil Zatopek” If you want to run a race, run a mile, if you want to experience one, run a marathon”. The positivity and energy flowing in a marathon cannot be probably described in words and is immense satisfaction.

-          The right attire

As for every norm in life, we require the correct attire here too. The correct shoes is of utmost importance, the right kind of cushioning   , grip, right fit for your structure. Always visit a good orthopedic before beginning your journey in this field or it could leave you crippled for life. Also consult him from time to time regarding your feet’s progress etc. Use a pedometer if required during your trainings itself.

-          Form a routine

Always know why and where and how much you are going to run  . Form a particular day and time  that is left only to running. Do not do any other activity at that time and just enjoy what you are doing. If you are participating in a marathon, form a timetable backwards about how you are going to schedule your trainings. These are very important and crucial to your running schedule. Keep increasing your speed or terrain every week slowly and gain the confidence. I f you are working/studying form a routine in such a way that it doesn’t break when it comes to exams or a year   end financial decision leading to overtime. Come what may, do not miss your running schedules.

-          Spread the word

Something that is shared always gives twice the happiness. Once you’ve realized your sense of achievement in running, share it with others who are not maybe priviledged enough for the same. Help people run too. Share your experiences and thrills. Motivate young, old everyone alike and soon you’ll form a wider community of runners. Help handicapped people who are still to begin, motivate children who are on their path of becoming couch potatoes. Teach people the art and happiness obtained in running.

-          Further motivate yourself

I think the 100m,200m sprints, marathons that we watch on television are an immense source of motivation in itself. The 100m event gets over in about a few seconds, however it is of extreme energy and superfluous spirits.It  lifts you up after a dull and boring day and compels you to get on the ground.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up