Sacrifice now for a better tomorrow

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There are just so many things that we love doing without realizing the harm it can cause to us in the long run. We indulge in short time ,momentary pleasures that can often cripple us for life. Instead if we can all strive to look at the bigger picture, and long term gain, the pleasure will be immense. How do begin this? Whenever a craving or an urge occurs, there are always only two ways. You either control yourself or you get succumbed. Show some patience here and think? Will it effect me in the long run or it is excusable? These are split second decision and believe me, your mind always just somehow knows it, It’s only you who slip off at times. Whereas sticking on can help you immensely, slipping off can cost you. Now anyone can develop the habit and this is the most beneficial when developed at a tender age when you are not doing anything consciously and are in your prime age to always form a life long habit.

Parents always have a huge responsibility on them to teach train and inculcate these habits in toddlers for their betterment. Children, youngsters are often led to the wrong path but it is at these times that their core values come into their rescue and you always make a choice whether  you get into something or sacrifice it. We have innumerable examples of people who have been destroyed  due to just this one simple thing” ability to foresee the future”. Maradona –the football god destroyed his career completely by indulging in drugs. He saw the short term goal and saw how taking drugs could enhance his few upcoming matches. But yes the famous dope test caught him and he was destroyed. Today when we think about him, drug addiction in almost the first thing we link him to. Legendary actor Dev Anand always said” I don’t drink or smoke because I want to lead a longer life” It was his ability to look at the bigger picture that kept his spirits high. Also in the field of career, education etc, Exams are the most boring thing created. But you have no choice. You just have to look at the bright side and stick on. This essentially calls for your patience, discipline and hard work and gives you the push. Olympic participants train so hard for four long years just to perform for 10minutes. If they don’t train as hard for say a day or even a months, it might not make a difference to their performance but to their habits, their discipline system, definitely yes! They can have loads of meat and drinks and whatever in the world for a day and it wont matter but their system will be shattered.

Also as Walt Disney said” It’s fun doing the impossible” and this fun begins in the journey that is with patience and sticking on to what you want. The amount of achievement obtained and satisfaction by sticking on and  getting what you want rather than getting stuck up and carrying excess baggage, is beyond words.

So the most important point here is that you have to form a habit and strengthen you r value system to such a level that outside hindrances don’t affect you. Always look at the larger picture whenever doing anything at all and that is one main motivating factor. Whenever a small thing comes up, you got to tell yourself that “ hold on” and then you’ll realize that you are just flowing on and not thinking much. Tame down yourself and be patient.

By sacrificing small things in life and gaining the big fish, not only is your sacrifice tremendously rewarded but it definitely changes you as a person big time. You realize the importance of self worth and sticking on to your principles.


Also when you are faced with an adversity, your value system, your priorities are what defines you and you have to let go off everything .That may be called sacrificing but if inculcated since a tender age, it is not work .It is merely something that you just have to do , coming to you spontaneously. There are a 100 excuses always to give up and nothing to justify your grit for what you want. But you just have to go get it and stick on. Family members and friends play a huge role in this habit formation and you need to basically realize what the gain will be in the long run. It refines you internally and purifies you to your innermost limits.

Start forming the habit today, Don’t leave any errand half completed and you will soon see good fortunes turning to your side. The power of sacrificing is huge and believe me not many people do this. Especially when it comes to your life goal, what you would want to live for, it is a huge and big decision and best when it is realized at the earliest. There is never a The End at any point so realize where you are going wrong and enjoy.

“If you think being adventurous is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal”