Say “No” to Sweat.

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We all have gone through those distinct phases in our childhood or teenage years when a particular obsession or interest hit us and that’s all we could think of for the longest time possible. Maybe it was a “wild child” phase, complete with random haircuts, clothes, late-nights and continuous naughtiness ranging from stealing the neighbor’s flowers to disciplinary action taken against you in school. Or maybe it was a Linkin Park phase with the usual abandoning of academics and dreaming of becoming the next Bryan Adams or Steven Tyler. The usual “I’m going to college” phase, was characterized by various dresses with hemlines that went much higher than usual during summers and extra pocket money for the supposed “reference books”. These were little phases of a much simpler era. A time when the television, phone(not smartphone, mind you) , refrigerator and washing machines seemed like the boon of technology. Nowadays, there are so many “phases” the youngsters go through, that it’s difficult to keep a tab on them. The “phases”, I mean. Youngsters nowadays go through a continuous phase of  “latest trends” and “how to” or “what not to do”.

Like, many other youngsters, I, too, often go through such phases and currently belong to the phase when I’m trying my best to avoid the heat and stay healthy, mentally and physically. Sweating increases substantially during the summer. And you can’t even always understand what to do in order to be relieved of this discomfort. Read on to know more..



Drop the coffee. Is caffeine your addiction whether you are working late or not? Do you like coffee and other forms of this potent drink, specially cold coffee and have it by the gallons during summer? If all the answers to these questions are a “yes”, then I think it’s time you control this habit during summer at least. The caffeine activates the central nervous system thus activating the sweat glands to produce more sweat. The result being alertness and more sweat than you can handle. Usually, all sort of hot drinks and hot food increase the discomfort level of the body. But, who knew a cup of hot coffee during midnight could cause so much of problems?

Who wants to stay indoors during the evenings? While going out during the hot summer days is a strict no-no, the evenings are the obvious choice. Going out after sundown doesn’t mean you can wear those synthetic and lacy dresses, suits, shirts etc. Cotton and maybe even silk should be your preferred material as these allow evaporation of sweat. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, prevent the evaporation of this sweat and thus counteracts the body’s efforts to cool itself.

While on a food trip, many tend to try out the spiciest of dishes. Partly because they like so and partly to show off their companions. Peppers contain “capsaicin”, which gives them their hotness and it tricks the nerves into believing that we’re being burned. So, while the body releases more sweat, in reality, the temperature increases for a certain period of time. Therefore, the sweat released in that short amount of time is so profuse that we are given the impression of feeling hot.  So, no matter how tempted you might be to try out spicy dishes, summer may not be that perfect time of the year to do so.



Summer is the time for sunscreen and anti-tanners. Have you ever applied a sunscreen and felt hot? No, that’s not the temperature outside. sunscreen lotions create a sort of barrier on the skin and thus prevents the evaporation of sweat. Hence, the body keeps producing more sweat but with no evaporation taking place, boy, the skin is bound to become a microwave oven.

So what if the sun’s beating down outside? You can easily chill at home with a couple of friends and a few crates of beer or whisky. Sweat alert! Experts have proved that alcohol actually makes you feel hot through a process called vasodilation, where the blood vessels dilate and increase the temperature. Although, in the long run it may cause your body to lose heat, initially it may cause a lot of sweating. Which means, that the sweat patches formed in your dress or shirt is the reason why the cute guy or girl has been staring at you in the bar for the past ten minutes.

Does your everyday job include meeting deadlines and being on time, all the time? Then you are prone to sweat a lot more than others. Your panic to be on time and finish assignments results in a continuous release of adrenaline, thus causing heightened senses in your body, including the release of sweat in an excessive degree. Still doubting whether you should take a vacation?

Stressed out and tired from reading all these? Already on your tenth fag of the day? You don’t know better, that’s why you’re still sitting here, smoking and judging. Did you know that nicotine addiction causes sweating? Of course, you wouldn’t! Smoking affects the hormone levels, the brain, blood pressure and body temperature, all of which are responsible for increased sweating. So, all those out there indulging in a tasty combination of booze, spicy wings and fag now know the reasons for your excessive sweating.


Nicotine withdrawal also causes sweating, but the ones giving up smoking, should understand that it’s just a temporary side effect and is, therefore, worth it in the long run.

Sigh. So much to be given up to prevent sweating? Well, not exactly give up, just reduce the quantity during certain times. It’s for our own good. This is how we contribute to living healthier lives and inspiring many around us to do the same.





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