Selecting the Right Travel Adapter for You

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Travel adapters are electric appliances that allow you to fit a plug with a different configuration into a foreign outlet or wall socket. For example, most plugs in North America have two, flat prongs. However, wall sockets in India have round holes, meant for round prongs. The use for a travel adapter comes here, because the travel adapter will be able to fit into the foreign outlet, providing a distinct wall socket that will accommodate your plug. One thing to remember is that travel adapters allow the plug to fit into any socket at the destination. However, it does not convert electricity (or voltage) to fit an appliance. For example, if your device works on 110 volts, but the mains in the country is 220 volts, then an adapter will not be able to suit your needs.

Therefore, when looking around for travel adapters and converters, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are traveling to North America, the standard socket is two flat prongs that are parallel to each other. The same type of structure is used in Canada, Guatemala, and Venezuela. Another type of plug that is also used has the same two flat prongs, but with a grounding pin in the middle. Most wall outlets in the United States produce 110 to 120 volts of electricity. This means that only a few electrical appliances, like hair dryers, chargers, and flat irons, correspond with this voltage.
In a country like Great Britain, the standard socket tends to have three prongs, two round pins and one flat one. The flat prong serves as the grounding pin. The voltage provided by the mains here is between 220 and 240 volts. However, one benefit is that many hotels and inns in England offer dual-voltage power sockets, for international guests. Therefore, if you are travelling to England, you will not have to worry about voltage concerns with regards to your device.
Most European countries also have plugs with two round pins placed parallel to each other. Certain countries, like France and Belgium, have the grounding pin built into the socket; whereas certain other countries, like Switzerland, Denmark, and Italy, have a grounding pin attached to the plug of the device.
For countries like Australia and New Zealand, the plug has V-shaped prongs, and the voltage ranges from 200 to 250 volts. Though most hotels do have dual-voltage outlets, certain smaller hotels and residences will have adapters for standard Australian appliances.

Therefore, when shopping for a travel adapter, make sure you look for travel adapter models online, to ensure they fit at the power outlets in the destination and allow dual-voltage appliances to function normally. To find the perfect travel adapter, the first place to look would be at Wonpro (Wonderful Product). With a large variety of electrical appliances being manufactured, you will easily be able to find the perfect travel adapter for you. Furthermore, you will be able to speak with a representative of Wonpro, who will be able to guide you on the kind of travel adapter you need, and whether you will have to purchase a voltage converter as well. Along with this, you can ensure that the prices at Wonpro are affordable, allowing you to be able to purchase adapters for your holiday without exceeding your budget.