Simple Everyday Makeup Tips

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Do you happily spend an hour in a parlor getting your make up done before heading out to a grand party but when it comes to everyday make up you don’t want to get all dolled up or look like a pancake? But also you don’t feel like sporting an “out of the bed” look everyday to work and can really use a light makeup to make you look good yet natural? I can understand. You are just like me.

Makeup can totally make or break your entire look. Get it perfectly suited with your face and style and you can steal away hearts with just a glimpse of yours. Go a little overboard or do it the wrong way and your face can look like a painting canvas. When it comes to using make up on a daily basis none of us wants to spend more than 15 minutes over it but yet want an appealing and sophisticated look. Here are a few simple tips that can ensure you that you never go wrong with your makeup again.

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Liquid eyeliner is one of the trickiest cosmetic items in your make up kit to work with. Unless you know how to do it perfectly you can end up looking like a panda. Use this simple trick to get near the perfection. If your hands aren’t very steady while applying liquid eyeliner and you end up with uneven strokes then this will help you. Sketch a line just above your eyelashes with a pencil eyeliner. Go with a plain line or a dramatic winged look, this pencil line will work as a guideline to work your liquid eyeliner in. Now fill in the area with the liquid eyeliner and do not go outside your guideline.

Curly eye lashes can make you very pretty but when you do not have an eye lash curler handy then use this simple trick. Take a plastic spoon and press its curved end into your eye socket. The edge will flip up your lashes and you can smoothly put on your mascara now!

Applying too much foundation or the one of wrong color can make your face look cakey, while the perfect dab of it will get you an even skin tone with a radiance. So how to avoid looking cakey and get the radiant look? Put foundation all over your face in a normal manner. Now take a tissue and slightly wipe it off from the cheek area. This will bring some realness back to your skin and now you can easily blend in your blush without looking like plastic faced.

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Making the lipstick last is a real challenge a lot of us face every day. Even if you go a little deep on your pockets and buy the long lasting ones your lipstick still manages to wear off after a couple of hours. Here is a trick which you should follow religiously before applying lipstick. Start with a lip balm. Coat your lips with a nice lip balm that will keep your lips well moisturized and help the lipstick stay for long hours. Wipe off any extra balm from your lips. Now use a lip liner to trace the outer part of your lips. Use the same lip liner to fill inside. It’s time to apply the lipstick now. In order to save some time and hassles we tend to use the lipstick directly but using a lip brush is always recommended. Use a lip brush to put on your lipstick. Unlike while using it directly, lipstick can now get into the lip and stay longer giving you no reason to reapply your lipstick every hour.

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Using multi-products can save us a lot of time and money. That’s why it is always great to have at least one such product which goes well your complexion and can be applied on both your cheeks and lips. Fuchsia pink works wonders for this. It suits well on fair as well as duskier complexions and when mixed with a little foundation can bring out some life in your cheeks. And when applied on the lips it will instantly add a pop of color to your face making it very hard for you to go unnoticed! Also keep a pearly white lip gloss always handy. The lip gloss cannot be just used over the lips but you can also put some on your brow bones and cheek bones.

One thing girls can stress about whole day is getting a pimple. But once you have got one, bursting will only make it worse. Instead camouflage the redness by applying a yellow based cover up. Take a concealer brush and pat it softly over the pimple to cover it up. Now you can blend the edges with your ring finger to leave any trails!

Want to get the envious glow but ain’t got any time to go for facials? Fake one in just a flash. Take one part foundation and one part liquid illuminator and mix them together. This is your magic lotion! Massage it all over your face using your finger tips and you will an instant glow you have been wanting.

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