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There is a very apt line said by Oscar Wilde which goes like this; “Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple and the simple thing is the right thing.” We have many times thought that our younger days when we were small children were far easier than the life we are seeing now. Haven’t we? Well, sometimes it surely seems that way. As we grow older we start facing the practical realities of life and when we were children all we knew was to play, play and play more. But the fact is that life is never difficult. It is just that the perception that makes it difficult. The way we see the world is difficult and the more older we grow the more difficult we make life ourselves.


We as a small child never knew what bias was and all that mattered to us was that we wanted what we wanted. We never knew the difference of good and bad and the more we start knowing it the more harder life seems to us. We would smile back at people who smiled and never turned at those people who frowned. We never had any such agendas in life when we were small children and we would sleep when tired and eat when hungry. As we start growing older, we start experiencing the facts and realities of life and many times even though we are tired, we cannot sleep only because of the commitments we take over as we grow older. Well, yes! We can surely plan things up and make life simpler with better thoughts and clear visions.

As we start growing, we start getting influenced by the people around us from friends to foes and parents to teachers and even by the media. Many of us especially during our teen ages get influenced negatively a lot which in turn makes us to hesitate either today or tomorrow. We start cursing ourselves for all the sins we have so far done trusting somebody else. We start avoiding the problems being faced in life instead of solving it right at the beginning before it is too late.

Life get’s worsened when we start drinking alcohol during our college days at a friend’s birthday party. We start working late nights and stop spending our quality time with family. Mind games might have by then stepped into our life and we start hating people. We start hating ourselves. We cover up our mistakes through lies. We also start searching for the answers to our questions from others by then. But actually deep within us the answer resides and we are unable to find it out. The answers are hidden deep inside the thoughts which are available only after our constant tryout for the answer. We need to start thinking for ourselves and listen to the inner self. In short, we should actually start doing what we want to do and not what others want us to do.


Life gets harder when we try to live up to other’s expectations. Instead, without any fear and guilty, we should start living a life which we would love to live. But let it be in an ethical way for the betterment of everyone.

We also need to love what we do in our life and should never pursue any work for the others. Self satisfaction is really important in life for it to seem simple and easy for us.

We all have both good and bad people in our circles and many times these bad people act really bad in our life. They are the venom present in our life and it is never a mistake to remove all the venom from our life so that we can lead an easy-to-go life. We need to decide for ourselves who has to stay in our lives and who has to depart. Living with people who values our feelings to nothing have rightly no space in our life.

Life seems to get harder with a competitive setting in our urban cities. People tend to compete with everyone. Parents want their son to pursue engineering just because their relative is pursuing the same! Competition has really bestowed both its good and evil effects on the lives of the people.

We can even start making our life simpler by having a great concern towards the society and others. We need to get involved and start volunteering. Saying a kind word to everybody would never harm us. If someone we know needs an encouragement, we should be the first person to encourage.

We should even start accepting the upgrades in our life and head on towards a life that is simpler in all terms. We need to maintain good relationships with everyone and start avoiding grudges and revenges amongst one another. Life is never completely full or never empty! It is a perfect balance between the two most extremes and that is where we need to start looking for a simpler life!

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