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Having a Six Pack is the latest trend among the urban people and the film stars and models have made it more fascinating. Even the common people nowadays dream of having a six pack and we see that the gyms are being flooded by the six pack enthusiasts. But hitting a gym and obtaining a six pack is not that piece of bread which is easily available to everyone.

Many Indians belong to a middle class family for whom their earnings are rightly enough for their everyday life. Thus they cannot afford the highly priced gyms and especially those costly rich food supplements. But luckily and intelligently, one can get his abs shaped up and obtain a six pack easily right at home. There are many abdominal exercises where in no such equipments are needed. Our body and gravity plays the pivotal roles.

Let us go in depth and see what we have to do to obtain six packs easily at home.

Firstly and mainly, we need to determine whether we need six pack or belly fat! Determination is very important as underneath the belly fat lies the most required senuous abdominal muscles which helps us in flaunting the fact of being hot and sexy. So, we need to get rid of all the excess fat to acquire six packs. It is a hefty job and surely requires a lot of hard work. It is truly worth making a note at this point of reading that regular exercises like sit-ups never help us in getting rid of excess fat. They are just meant for building muscles.

After determination, the main thing is to decide what kind of food to consume. Not all foods are good for health. We should reject those foods which are full of high calories and low nutrition. It is always safer to reduce the proportion of our food intake and also we should keep a track of calories. The best habit one can develop here is to start reading labels on the packs and start looking at all those extra sugar in the ingredients section which is surely going to affect all our hardwork. Dressings, sauceages and alcohol too have their adverse affect on our abdominal muscles. Some of us who are big fans of great tasty topical foods, we can fulfil our desire of taste by consuming honey, fruits and dark chocolates.

We may have studied in our elementary education that our muscles are basically made up of proteins. Thus, intake of rich proteins are surely going to help us in building our muscles. Chicken and fish are the great sources rich in proteins. But, do not fear my dear vegetarians. Tofu and Seitan are rich in proteins. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is surely a good habit one can nurture during this period and a main important point one should not forget is that the body should always be hydrated. It is because of the fact that it improves our energy. We all know that water has the capacity to fight every disease on this Earth too. So, 8 glssses of water every day is what a preferred quanity to maintain a healthy diet.

So, till now we have understood the dieting habits to acquire the super sexy six packs. Let us now move further to read about the physical exercises required. Cardiovascular exercise is surely a topper in the list of best exercises for everyone. It helps us in burning the extra calories and get rid of some pounds easily. We can walk, run, hike, dance or swim and the most important factor is that we need to enjoy our workout so that we can stick on to it consistently. But, yes we all wonder sometimes that spending thirty minutes of our precious time to exercise is s ridiculous thing. Okay then, we can atleast use our break time to have a brisk walk outside and we can always talk to our friends for long minutes having a walk. We can even go to nearby shops by walk instead of taking our vehicle.

Now, coming into the serious not of heavy workouts, we need to give equal emphasis for all the three abdominal areas namely, obliques, lower abs and upper abs. Each area has its own effect on the outlook of our six pack.

Some exercises we can consider are as below.


We need to lie back freely on a floor mat and start raising both legs alternatively.


Lying back on a floor mat, we should lift our legs keeping our knees straight and return back to our original floor without our feet touching the ground.


Standing straight with our feet stretched apart wide and bending sideways at our waist moving our upper body to the right and then to the left.


We should lie back on a floor mat with our legd elevated and knees bent at 45 degrees angle. Placing our hands behind our head, we should lift our core and try touching the elbows to the alternative knees.


Lying back on the floor mat with our feet flat on the ground and knees bent at 45 degrees and placing our hands behind our head, we should lift our head and shoulders from the ground and towards the knees and back to the original position.


Positioning our self in a push-up style using our elbows instead of our hands, we should keep our body in a stiff straight posture with hips not sagging. We need to hold on the same position for as long as possible.

All the above exercise are to be repeated over a few times before switching to another.

An important note worth considering is that it is always better not to sse our abs daily for the improvements as it is hard to find. Instead, we can take a photo of our abs and check it with our abs once in a month. It is also a good thing to keep a track record of the measurement of our waist so that within a month’s time we can start noticing the factual difference happening with our belly fat!

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