Skinny Girl Problems

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Have you ever been called a bag of bones? Do people routinely acquire whether you eat or not? Are you often teased by being called a ‘clothes hanger’? Most people don’t realize the many, many dilemmas and problems that skinny people face everyday – the comments, the assumptions, and the taunts. And if that is not enough the horror of shopping for your own size! And if even that is not enough there is the whole nightmare of looking even thinner than usual in certain clothes.
First off, if you are eating well and the lean frame is just because of the high metabolism then no need to fret. Also when it comes to your weight a lot of factors come into play – family history, body type, eating habits etc. People simply presume that gaining weight is the easiest thing, trust me, it’s not! It is as tough as losing extra weight, if not more. Sadly skinny people never get the credit for trying like people hitting the gym to lose weight do.
Secondly, and sadly, yes we need to take some extra measures to make sure we don’t appear skinnier than we already are. The good news is that these simple tips and tricks are easy to follow and inculcate into our daily lives and shopping habits.
1. Horizontal stripes are your best friend – you know how people who a little chubby are advised to wear vertical stripes for a slimming effect? The reverse applies to you. Thin or bold, horizontal stripes create the perfect illusion of curvy figure.
2. Just because you have minimal body fat, it doesn’t mean that all your clothes should be body hugging. At the same time, even baggy clothes will render you anemic-looking. Here, very carefully, you need to strike the perfect balance – the fitting of all of your clothes should be just a tad bit loose. This again helps create the illusion of a little more body mass and god knows we could do with that!
3. Avoid large and bold prints. Whether completely in fashion or not, larger prints will make your body seem even more slender – it will look like the print is wearing you, rather than you wearing the print. And that is never, ever a good thing. Go for sleek, slender, feminine prints preferably placed in all the strategic places that help you look a little bigger.
4. Choose dresses and tops which have their volume concentrated on the hips and shoulder region. A great example of a perfect dress for skinny girls would be a peplum dress which accentuates the otherwise tiny waist. An Empire cut in tops and dresses works to the same effect.
5. If your legs are too thin and scrawny try camouflaging them by wearing pretty, printed maxi skirts or slighty slender than usual palazzo pants. This is the perfect and most comfortable summer fashion fix!
6. If you have super thin arms, try avoiding sleeveless clothes and going in for full-length or quarter length sleeves. A quick fix for scrawny arms would be throwing on a cool blazer/jacket, preferably with small shoulder pads, to give more structure to the shoulders, better posture and, of course, hiding those arms! A blazer/jacket also draws attention to the upper half of the body –perfect for those with slender legs.
7. When it comes to skirts, go for silhouettes that are round from the waist down. As has been repeatedly stated throughout all the previous points, the idea is to create a fuller, curvier image. And obviously a round cut helps with that. Tube, asymmetrical, long and short pencil skirts which taper at the knees all provide extra visual pounds at the waist and hips.
8. Play with belts all you want – slim, broad, chunky, feminine. All kinds of belts are your best friends! Wear them over a pretty, floral summer dress or a structured high-waist office skirt to draw attention away from all the skinny areas towards your perfect, petite waist.
9. Another way to seem fuller is to play the layering card well – but it shouldn’t seem that you are buried under a mountain of clothing. Use layered, top heavy tees and tops or accessorize a simple top or cardigan with a lovely, chunky scarf. Again remember the idea is to seemingly add weight.
10. Be confident! As long as you are genuinely eating healthy, all is good. Walk with pride, with your head held high and don’t worry too much about what people say or comment. Girls, all girls, need to be surer of ourselves and need to learn to love their body as it is. Don’t follow any fashion fads blindly, create your own. Because inside every girl, there is a fashionista waiting to break free – let it fly!

P.S. Keep a tab on your BMI (Basic Metabolic Index) and try to be as close to your ideal weight as possible. Remember the idea is to be as lean as possible without becoming underweight. If, after prolonged efforts you are unable to gain weight or continue to lose weight, consult a doctor as soon as possible.