Slowww down!

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Sometimes it is good to be slow We are accustomed to a world where ‘being slow’ is not an option. Do it now or get out- this is the kind of race in which are competing in today. Everybody wants quality but at a much better speed. There is not even time to stop and think once in a while because every second has become just so precious. We seem to be running this race against time, trying to achieve more than is humanly possible all the time. There just isn’t time to sit, to relax, to take a second and analyze things around us. Every second you lose, you pay for it. So there is not really time left for anything. Life has become a movie where there are no retakes and which is dominated by “Action” and there is no “Cut”. Yes, we are in perpetual ‘Action’ and we have not had time to rehearse.

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing if you think about it a bit about it. You stay active and it keeps your mind running as well, while keeping your pockets full and jingling no less. But one thing it does end up affecting is your health. And whether we like to admit it or not – health is, truly, wealth. This, right here, is the reason for me writing this particular article. In today’s day and age one trend that we are increasingly noticing is that we worry about everything in this world and beyond but forget to worry about (or even consider) our health and how low it figures on our ever increasing list of priorities. A lot of us end up ignoring our health while giving our priority to work. A simple case to illustrate this would be to just notice how much time you spend eating your regular meals. On an average a working person spends about a maximum of 10 minutes on a regular meal as compared to an average of 20 minutes around 20 years ago. And this number keeps on decreasing as you keep on escalating up the work hierarchy. People have started to think of eating as a time wasting activity and they try to save as much time on this as possible. It’s a little ironic that almost everyone has started looking at time spent eating as such a waste – as if all the important work of the world shall be achieved in that half an hour that you are supposed to take off to have a peaceful meal! And the even bigger irony is the fact that it is the food itself that provides us with the energy to work! So, please explain to me, how will not giving priority to eating well going to benefit anyone? Let me give you another little example. When was the last time that you were able to work in a perfectly efficient manner while on a hungry stomach? Cant remember? You know why that is? Because it has never happened. Hunger will almost always screw with your brain and stop you from working well. In fact, if you look at things logically, in order to work better you NEED to eat well and stop making excuses to not eat or hurry up the entire process.
What they have forgotten is that this is perhaps one of the most important activities of your day to day life, the one that keeps you fit and healthy. Many people think that they are consuming the required nutrients and vitamins so it does not actually matter if the speed of consumption is more or less. I regret to inform you that this is a misconception. Digestion is a much more complicated process than that. It is important for your body to extract all the important nutrients from the food and distribute it to different parts of your body. For this it is necessary that you chew properly and go slow. It’s important for us to stop with trying to control everything around us and manipulate them for our own ulterior motives – including eating and the entire digestion process! A meal is something that has to be enjoyed and cherished. That is the reason why eating together is so important in the Indian culture – we people love our big, fat, delicious meals where there is fun galore at the table.

Hours are spent simple eating! And just because you are working in a hi-fi job, you cant take out half an hour to eat well? Well that is just… sad. And, honestly, dumb. Even if you chose to ( or have to ) eat alone at least don’t rush it. take your lunch hour and make the most of it – relax, if you are eating in the office bolt the door and kick off your shoes, savor each bite, love the food. And believe me, not only will your health improve, so will your work. More than that it is your mental disposition that will benefit the most – because in very simple terms, good food eaten well = happiness.
So slow down and eat! And please try to understand how tragic our lives have become if articles have to be written to tell people to do something as simple as this. Wake up and smell the coffee, friends. And then have it slowlyyyy.