Your smile of happiness

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What makes us happy we often wonder. What is it that gives one inner gratification and peace ? It is not really easy to figure out, to know what makes life worth living for. The perspectives differ, the choices differ, the meanings differ. For one it maybe all about love but for other it maybe money or fame. The sad fact is that people now days have started placing their happiness in materialistic things and gains, its all about short term or short lived happiness. Never ever do we actually take out time to know what is it that actually brings a smile on our face. Its not jut all about money, pleasure, fame , lust and other things , happiness is way beyond such things. These things don’t provide you with inner satisfaction.

All of us, the world, we are all trying our best to make ourselves feel delighted and alive, knowing that deep down inside we are all caged within our own framed personality. Still, we all prefer to keep it intact and secluded-but how are we supposed to live happy if we keep the real us hidden, in seclusion. Happiness does not come by making efforts towards it , it comes from within, maybe through mere acts of kindness and compassion. Happiness comes from keeping others happy, from the soul. It is not forced or faked. We all believe that certain events in our lives that we have created will give us happiness. That maybe a dinner on a weekend, a movie or a cool loud party. Every weekend we do this to prepare ourselves for the week ahead, thinking Oh! this made us happy. But alas these things just gives u certain amount of pleasure and a fake satisfaction, nothing else.

your smile of happiness

We all judge ourselves all the time and others too. We all fight to be happy than others, crave to have a better life than the rest in a hope to have a happier tomorrow but we all forget that happiness is not a feeling to be kept for tomorrow. It is not something to be delayed. We can’t really fight or expect to be happy than others because true happiness comes from a sense of togetherness, it comes by finding your happiness through/in others. The feeling that we all share now is highly deceived.

It’s the day we realize that one can achieve happiness , a feeling of gratification effortlessly that we all can be really happy and contended. The contentment and the mental peace we all seek so desperately is deeply linked to happiness for you cannot be happy until you are internally happy. All of us as individuals are aware where we stand right now , how happy we are , just too stubborn to accept it and act on it. We have started accepting life the way it is, not wanting to change it for better. The ideas and views have been formed and it’s a sad thing that people don’t want to alter them. Competitions, races, achieving great heights, sex, beauty, etc can only provide one with a short lived happiness, it won’t last for long and we all know that but fail to accept it and still run after these things in all the wrong sense.

Don’t you get a smile on your face when you see a large group of people laughing and having the time of their life ? don’t you get a smile on your face  when you see an old couple still together and strong ? don’t you get a pretty little smile when you genuinely help someone in need with all your love and honesty ? We all have experienced this smile at least once in our life time. This smile is what tells us that we are actually happy, it is this smile that gives us a view of our inner gratification. Happiness is a feeling easy to get but hard to accept or maybe hard to realize. Our aims to achieve more and more and our sky reaching satisfaction levels are a big hinderance and breeds the thoughts of not being happy. We jut stop finding happiness in mall gestures or things in life.

This feeling can definitely not be achieved with malice in the heart, not till you have all those negative feelings within you. Happiness is not something to be found, it’s something that’s within to be felt. It something that lies in us , in our very acts of kindness and love, in our real selves. Discovering it is the thing. I strongly believe that happiness is an easily accessible feeling then why make it difficult to feel? Stop finding your happiness outside , sort yourself out, release yourself of malice and you will encounter a pure soul, happy soul. You don’t really have to depend on others for your happiness , your acts of goodness will provide you with that.

Don’t ask yourself  if you’re happy, just be. Find your happiness in goodness of life, in others, in struggles, in failures, in love , in kindness, in difficulties, in success. The day you can do that will be the day you’ll find your happiness. You will find your smile of happiness and then you won’t ever lose it.