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The title of this write-up reads correct and we all know that ‘Smoking Kills’. Yet, people smoke! The funny thing is; on every pack of cigarette there is one or the other WARNING message stating the side effect of smoking. However, people never stop buying cigarettes! Well, not just buying to be precise, but smoking. Every smoker knows that it’s dangerous for their health, yet they smoke! People have many reasons to smoke and also excuses. Studies show that one or the other smoker dies in this world every five seconds. The numbers lead to around 12 deaths every minute due to smoking in this world. Twelve among billions are not a big number but its twelve every minute, i.e., 720 every hour! 17280 every day! The numbers are mind boggling!


A shocking disaster is that one among three men and one among four women smoke in this world. The statistics has not left the teens behind. They are racing ahead soon with one among five being a chain smoker. Every cigarette people smoke reduces every five minutes of their lifeline on an average. Yet, people smoke!

Studies show that people start smoking mainly during their early teenage when they hang out with their friends during parties and some reasons may have also been due to the teens observing the elders smoke. This is where the teens try to imitate their elders. People do not notice the harmful effects of smoking on their health in the beginning. But tobacco is a silent killer. When a smoker starts feeling the side effects of smoking, he is typically addicted to it and cannot come out of it even if he wants to. There are many instances when young smokers start smoking at social gatherings with a belief that they can quit it any time without any worries. But the fact is that they lose their capacity of free choice and self decision. That is when they get addicted to smoking!

A typical cigarette consists of nearly four thousand and above chemicals each of it with its own unique flavor. Acetone which is a main chemical used in nail polish remover is one among the deadly 4000 chemicals that go into the body when people smoke. If nail polisher remover takes your nail paint off, what else could it take inside your body? Frightening! Isn’t it? Well, how about a toilet cleaner (Ammonia)? Would a person drink it? Ah, never I suppose! Never directly to be precise I suppose. Smokers are regularly consuming toilet cleaners when they smoke.

This is not done! The things worsen when people intake Hydrogen Cyanide which is a deadly poison and Cadmium which is often found in the car battery fluid. Oh No! Do not get surprised! But Yes! Every smoker is consuming all these deadly stuffs. We should not also forget that Nicotine, a drug which affects human brain immensely and Toluene which is used as an industrial solvent are also included in a cigarette!

Our human body is made such that it can digest only the edible stuffs and it can never withstand the poisonous ones. I bet that if a smoker reads this piece of words which he won’t I am sure, he will either give reasons for his smoking habit or neglect it without caring for his life and family. He is addicted! No one can do anything to him now unless he has the capacity and willingness to quit it. Ah! Yeah! Correct! But, a point to ponder about is; if he is willing to quit it, he would either had quit it by now or he would never start smoking.

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Smoking is the cause for many diseases and lastly it might lead to premature death. It plays a leading role is heart diseases and chronic lung diseases. It also causes stroke. Cancer related to lungs, larynx, esophagus, mouth, bladder, cervix, pancreas and kidneys are all the fruitful results given to a smoker by his lovely cigarette. Not only such health related issues, but smoking also leads to bad breath and yellow teeth. Also, smoking is a reason for wrinkles, bad gums, severe cramps, tremors, fatigue, headaches, excessive perspiration and insomnia.

The problems do not stop here. Smoking slowly cuts off the oxygen that flows with blood to different parts of the body. The consequences are drastic! The amount of tar one collects in his lungs is a whopping 210 grams in a year. That is a full cup of tar coated on the lungs which causes cancer. It is just the way how soot gets coated in a chimney. Smoking not only causes health problems but also the strain due to smoking is responsible for years of suffering.

Smoking is not just harmful to those who smoke but also for second hand smokers. Yes! Second hand smokers are those who are nearby the one who is smoking and also inhaling the same polluted air filled with smoke! One more such thunderous problem caused by smoking is when a pregnant lady smokes. The baby inside her womb too inhales the same smoke and the baby is either born with a very low weight or malformations. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the result of such act by pregnant ladies.

A pretty long piece it has been so far which I am sure many smokers would have stopped reading it right after the first line! Well, to such people; “God Alone Can Save You!”. We get one life as a gift from our parents and God. Let’s utilize it and not ruin! Lastly, once again….”SMOKING KILLS”!!!!

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