Snacks You’d Love to Gorge Post- Workout

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No feeling on this planet can be compared to what you feel after a heavy workout session. workout often leave you washed out craving for food. but fats are a no no… and you just cant indulge yourself into the butter and the chicken your stomach is shouting out loud for. ditch those fats and go for proteins. keep the carbohydrates at  bay and go for proteins. but we often fail to choose between what is right and what is tempting you. here are some snacks that will re fuel you without growing an extra inch. all you have to do is mix and match perfectly. experts say that a perfect post workout snack would be a proteins with carbohydrates. as proteins relax your fatigues muscles and carbohydrates give you the energy that you need to resume your extra worked up body. proteins will also built up your teared off muscles during rigorous work outs. therefore its very important to eat right after after work outs because you cant afford to take fats and oiled foods as your post work out snacks in haste. here are some some post workout snacks that will help you go through the day and will bring back the energy you have been missing after your work out,

Tuna on toast: Tuna being a lean protein is an ideal post-workout snack. Drizzle a little lemon juice and olive oil over some tuna, and then spread it over a slice of whole wheat bread, to pack your carbs and protein together.

Protein shake:
Fitness buffs swear by them. For the ultimate low-maintenance, no-fuss post-workout snack, carry a glass of protein shake with you to the gym. One scoop of protein powder mixed with milk or just water and drink up. Protein powders come in various flavours (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) so you’re sure to find one you love.

Eggs and hummus:
eggs are universally famous to give you the right proteins also they have amino acids that are graet for your health. also hummus as it is made out of chick peas is great for your hormonal health. also the increase your bodily metabolism and make you fitter with going all chubby and fat.

Low-fat cheese and fruit: pairing some low fat cheese with any fibre rich fruit to re fuel your body and easing down your fatigues muscles after a heavy work out. fruits also make you feel fresh and lighter. cheese give the right amount your muscles need in order to built up.
Peanut Butter & Banana on Rice Cakes:

peanut butter is a substantial thing to go for post work out, bananas are full of energy, this is the reason tennis players have bananas in between games, rice cakes are the healthier version of rice, hence they taste good without making you fat. ever thought eating would not but a guilty burden on your health, in fact it will go real easy on your health, no carbs only tasty light food. take rice cakes and spread over peanut butter and then add banana slices to it. you can avoid the banana if you are not a sweet toothed person, and not a banana fan. rice cakes and peanut butter will there job even without it.
Hummus and Pita

its a couple packed with carbs and protein both, and hence makes a perfect snack for a post workout snack. hummus is made of pureed chik peas and is a highly rich in proteins and pita bread is all the carbs you need to relax your fatigued muscles. so having hummus with pita bread is a perfect way to end up your work out session.
Yogurt and Fresh Berries

if you want some carbohydrate driven energy packed with some good proteins that is fat free then you should go for this combo even without thinking twice. fresh fat free yogurt paired with fresh berry will replenish you from within making you feel all re fueld and yet not feeling heavy. yogurt and berries give you just the right amount of proteins and carbs that you need post a heavy workout.
Tuna on Whole Wheat bread:

there not a more direct source of having proteins that a tuna fish . you can make a tuna sandwich using whole wheat bread and have a perfect protein- carb snack that will keep you going through the day. add a little olive oil for taste and have a scrumptious meal. it will no make you feel hungry for another hours put together and yet wont make you feel all heavy about eating a whole lot of fat.

Turkey and Cheese with Apple Slices

if you are feeling too lazy to make a sandwich you grab some turkey and cheese with some apple slices. apples are rich in fibre whereas turkey and cheese will give you the protein you need post workout , so this in turn becomes a perfect snack without much efforts. just combine all thing togather and you are good to go. so forget making a sandwich or a whole some snake and dig into some turkey slices add on cheese and apple slices and you are good to go.