How to Spend College Holidays Productively

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It’s that time of the year again. That time when you goes back home, get into the blanket and proceed to hibernate for a month until college begins again. And why shouldn’t you?  You deserve a break from your books. You’ve slaved over them the whole semester. But is getting cosy in your warmest blanket and potating in front of the idiot box really the best way to spend your winter holidays? How about doing something a little more productive? Here are some better ideas-

Intern somewhere

You need a good internship to make your CV shine, and what better time to begin than Now? Besides making another point on your CV, an internship will ensure that you get some real life, hands on experience, different from the theoretical knowledge of college. So get off your bed/ couch and start applying to all the places you have always wanted to work at. Look up the websites of the companies you are interested in or ask the placement cell of your college for help regarding the application process. Trust me, the experience will be very important once you apply for further education or get a job after college.

Learn how to drive


If you don’t already know how to drive, utilize this time properly and learn. This is one life skill that every one must know in today’s world where you can’t always depend upon public transport. Driving will mean more independence to do the things that you want, and you won’t have to ask your parents to drive you around every time you visit a friend. And who knows, maybe your parents will buy you your own car once you know how to drive? Besides, it will add some major cool points to your book. So get cracking and ask a relative to teach you or join a driving school.


Your body will thank you for this. Physical activity during the winter months has a tendency to hit an all time low. Do not let the same happen to you. Go for a walk every day in the afternoon if the mornings and evenings are too cold. Join a gym near you or just crank up the iPod and dance your heart out. Some sort of regular physical activity will ensure that you remain healthy and feel less lazy throughout the day. Moreover, it will help you remain in shape for all the great dresses and swimwear you will buy for the summers!

Clean your room

Do I sound like your mom now? I’m sorry. But she is right, you know. You have been saying that you will clean your room for the past seven years. Now is the time. Upturn your cupboard and empty your drawers. You will definitely find some hidden treasures in the process. Whether it is that cute skirt you had completely forgotten about or that card from someone special, cleaning your room will lead you to discover and rediscover many surprises.  Moreover, you will be surprised by exactly how much nicer it is to snuggle down in a clean bed as opposed to one where you don’t know the actual color of your bed sheet anymore.

Learn how to cook

No, not because nobody will marry you if your rotis are not round. This one is for both guys and girls. Cooking is another essential life skill in today’s times. When you are living alone, it helps to know how to make basics that go beyond two minute cuppa noodles. Learning how to cook a few simple curries and rice for example will ensure better nutrition too. You can’t always afford pizza for dinner you know, at least your arteries can’t.

Read a little

And I don’t mean study. I mean pick up that novel you have been meaning to read for ages. Go ahead and buy the new author whose work has been highly recommended. Dig into your collection and rediscover old favourites. Read new fiction, old fiction, non fiction. Read books on topics that interest you and books by authors you disagree with. Read to grow. Knowledge goes beyond the classroom. And read for pleasure. Read comics that make you laugh, read the newspaper every morning.

Pick up a hobby

Now there’s loads of stuff you can choose from. A hobby will help you relax after a hard day of cooking or learning how to drive or reading your course books. Whether it is a simple hobby like reading to something more physically challenging like training for a marathon, pick up a hobby to keep yourself occupied with. From dancing to learning a musical instrument, from embroidery to knitting, from collecting marbles and stamps and coins to jewellery making, there is a whole array of activities to choose from. Make sure you pick up something you love doing, otherwise it will just feel like hard work.

Travel somewhere


If you live in one of those places that begin to resemble the arctic in December, maybe escape to a warmer place? If you already live in a warm place, how about experiencing a cold winter once? Explore a new city, a new country. Nothing will broaden your horizons like travelling will. Besides, college is probably the only time when you can be young and reckless enough to travel on a shoe string budget with just a backpack. Take advantage of this fact and chuck the five star hotels. Live in youth dormitories, guest houses etc. Or travel with your family- it is a great way to spend more time with them.

Winters do not necessarily have to equate to blankets and socks and hot chocolate ODs. Make sure your winters are more productive this year. You will not regret it.