Spoon hacks for stunning looks

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With each passing day, the concept of looking perfect is making itself known with intensity. We always want to look our best and by that we secretly wish to look drop dead gorgeous. Making heads turn is every girl’s secret wish only if you are a high maintenance chick. And which movie can better describe it that The Devil Wears Prada. Looking stunning with the perfect amount of make up and the right clothes to match your Jimmy Choo and Prada tote is an absolute necessity, because the ones who love fashion are the biggest and the most bold critics as well. Anna Wintour’s character had been portrayed in the movie by Meryl Streep, as the Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine. She depicts the workaholic, power force who wields her finger to control the fashion industry of New York City. And if there is one thing she taught us, then that would be that there is a vast difference between two turquoise leather belts and that irrespective of your attitude to fashion, the very shades of clothes that you are wearing this very instant has been chosen by the moguls of the fashion industry. So if you think, you do not care much about fashion, you should definitely think again. Because for some of us, our fashion statement makes us or breaks us. To honour the tradition of this industry we should be aware of the best beauty hacks to look absolutely gorgeous without much effort.


1. Freeze two spoons in the refrigerator and sweep them under your eyes to remove under eye bags. Freeze two metal spoons overnight in the freezer and in the morning take them out and place them under your eyes as close to your inner corners as possible; then apply a bit of pressure and glide the spoons towards the outer corners of your eyes. The gliding movement helps remove the accumulated fluid while the cold spoon will reduce the puffiness.

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2. Winged liner hack is an extremely popular one. All you have to do is hold out the handle of the spoon at the outer corner of your eye and draw a straight line. Now flip the spoon, so that curved part is covering your eyelid and use the curved edge to create a perfect winged tip with your liner. Then simply fill up the space between the curved line and the straight line. Voilà!


3. Broken eye shadow is an inevitable fate for every woman. But guess what it can be fixed, luckily without buying another one. All you have to do is add rubbing alcohol on the crushed eye shadow and press it lightly with the back of a spoon. Let it dry and then use it again. Problem solved.


4. Align the curve of the spoon to get the perfect eyebrow arch. The curve of a big spoon is actually the perfect shape of an eyebrow arch so all you have to do is hold the spoon so that the curved area is aligned with your brow arch and trace it with a brow pencil.

5. Personalise your lip colour. Yes it is  possible. If you have a particular shade of eye shadow which would look perfect on your lips, just mix it with any lip balm or petroleum jelly with the help of a brush and wear it as a lip gloss.


6. Contouring is a difficult task because finding the hollows under your cheekbones is difficult. This has been made easy by the use of a spoon. Hold a spoon in such a way so that it cups the apples of your cheeks. The area right below the spoon is where you should apply the contour powder.

7. Hickey or a bruise? Well this happens way too often, when you are looking hot in your tube peplum and the hickey stands out near your neck for everyone to see. This is when you should just pop the clean spoon in the freezer and once it cools down, you have to rub the back of the spoon against the bruise to get rid of it faster. The cold spoon helps by stopping the blood from rushing to the area and it gradually fades away.

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8. Pimple healing is a painful process, usually. But now that we have our spoons, it has become rather easy. You will have to heat up the spoon. But the heating needs to be done by immersing the spoon in hot water for a while. Once the spoon is hot ( not very hot) hold the back of the spoon on the zit till it cools off. This process does not leave any scars.

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So essentially most of the hacks require a spoon, which all of us have. Therefore, the hacks do not require expensive apparatus or products or replacements. So, from the make up tricks to fixing pimples and getting rid of bruises, you know every bit. Next time there is a need to get rid of a bruise or draw the perfect arch with your brow pencil, you have the tricks to finish it off in an instant. Hope you look even more stunning with these tricks!