Few steps ahead- success

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Few steps ahead- success

Whatever you do to achieve success is never gained quickly neither at the first stage itself. Failure is always the first step to your success isn’t it? However best you give however you perform brilliant you won’t go ahead without a criticism in it. It’s a harsh truth but am not saying none of them achieve they do but it requires great courage to get up and start fresh to achieve the same old goal. And but obvious you won’t taste the success that sweet unless you go through a bitter route. We would have never known what is to be like happy unless we faced the sadness. What we do is always get upset after getting rejection once and keep holding on to that one thing which may be blocking your many doors opening to success. We have to face many ups and downs to get what we want and its difficult one cannot just give up and say “I am done” it won’t help you like this. Because failure is not an option for you, you have to beat that and go ahead. We have so many examples set in front of us who were driven down by failures lot more times than you do but if they had given up the scientist wouldn’t have discovered so many things, researcher wouldn’t have found interesting facts isn’t it? It must be given a thought! So for that simple reason I have few steps which might encourage and motivate you to achieve the success.


Following are the steps which will lead you the way to success:

–          The first and foremost step is you should take the 100% responsibility of whatever consequences or success you achieve. As in whatever the scenario may be you should be solely responsible for your doing rather than blaming the situation and reason for failure. If you face the failure you are the reason and even if you succeed you are the reason.

–          Be clear about your goals, what you want, when you want, why you want being specific about everything. Do not complicate your goals and mess up everything.

–          Decide what you want in your life. You goal should be defined before you take step towards your designed goal.

–          Be positive. It’s the best attitude you keep as your perspective to be strong to tackle problems. Act and think positive and half way there.

–          Trust yourself that you can do this and face any challenge that comes to you it will surely change the perspective towards you goal.

–          Do not just say or stay positive act it out. What you feel what you think whatever and however the path may be action is the main thing otherwise it wouldn’t be applicable.

–          Face the fear and do it anyway. Do not sit back thinking about the outcome once you decide what you want to do act it and do it.

–          Ask it out! Ask what you desire for. Do not hold on if I ask this what would be the result. For instance if you need increase in the pay ask for it, risk it. You may not know it may turn other way round. You may get the increment; there are always two outcomes in a positive way or either negative. Always give it a try.

–          Reject your rejection, do not break down once you get a rejection keep on trying unless your rejection is rejected and finally you achieve you goal.

–          Always keep a track record of your criticism, use it as your advantage for the next time it will prove useful to you. So next time you will be more careful to act for certain steps.

–          Always keep a constant try and every time keeps on improving your input so as to get the desired output.

–          Keep on practicing as practice makes man perfect. Right? Obviously it does. It helps to create a creative way every time.

–          Surround yourself with successful people around which will motivate you every time you feel demotivated. They are the people who will raise you instead of pulling you down. It improves your behavior towards the goal.

–          Never leave anything incomplete or messy. Always clean up your incomplete work and messy things back to proper place.

–          Always make a new resolution and new good habits every year so that you will have some new and good aims to achieve the following days.

–          Never lose your focus from your aim. Stay focused on the track to gain the desired aim. It helps a lot to stay and take appropriate steps to achieve the goal.

–          Never wait for tomorrow or keep it for later pending, start now so that it gets completed in time. Just do it!

–          There is quote in Hindi which says, “kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab”. Which basically means the work which you going to do tomorrow do it today better why not do it now itself.

All the best for your success hope it helps you way long. Thank you!

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