Stop, Breathe, Go!

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What is it about the world around us today that we see everybody just running around? Everybody definitely seems more competitive today; in fact staying ahead of the competition is the never-ending battle being fought by every individual in today’s highly competitive world. Were we not competitive before? Or have we just become more selfish with time, nothing seems to satisfy our hunger and we always seem to want more. Will we ever be satisfied? Will this ever stop?
Well the answer to most of these questions is NO. The pace at which we are moving, it is hard to imagine that slowing down will be a thought in anybody’s mind anytime soon. But that is not a bad thing. I don’t want anybody to slow down and incur losses. But what I am trying to say here is that life doesn’t necessarily need to be this complex. Don’t push it; stop once in a while and appreciate what you have. Spend some beautiful moments with your loved ones; hang around with your friends over a cup of coffee, go for a movie, do something that makes you happy.

Ultimately what are we working for if we are not happy and if we are too occupied to spend some precious moments with the people who actually matter. Recently I came across an interview of a high-profile businessman who quit his job as the CEO and has moved to gardening in his new farmhouse. When the interviewer asked him why did he quit when he was making a significant amount of money. He replied “I day I woke up and realized what am I doing? I spend around 80 hours a week doing something that I don’t particularly enjoy doing. What will I do with all the money when I don’t even have the time to take my wife out of town for her birthday? So I quit because I chose happiness instead”
Don’t just go quit your job after reading this and then come running after me later blaming me for it! But just BREATHE once in a while. Just take the weekend off and relax. Believe it or not but reports suggest that work efficiency goes up by 20-30% when you are properly relaxed and rested.
Halfway down the article, I wonder what everyone must be thinking reading it so far. I guess the most expected reaction would be “But I don’t have time for all this. I am too busy”. Well for all the people who have this reaction I’ll say that those words have no meaning. Nobody is too busy. It is all about how you manage your time. All work and no play can be disastrous. So do not do this to yourself. Don’t just believe what all I say. Try it for yourself. Just take your wife out for a lovely dinner this weekend, or just plan out a nice family/friend reunion over a meal. Do whatever it is that makes you smile, that makes you happy. Don’t delay it because believe me that tomorrow will never come. Manage your time properly and see half of your problems being taken care of automatically. Not only that, you’ll be surprised to see the positivity all this will bring to your life along with the positive changes in your outlook towards things in general. There was a scene in the iconic movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ where Hritik Roshan is going on and on about how he wants to work and work and work till 40 and then he plans to retire and do everything that he has always wanted to do. As he goes on and on, Katrina says just one thing – What if you don’t even live to be fourty?! That right there is something to think about – because at the end of the day, all we have is today.


So we need to make the most of today, in spite of everything. In spite of our jobs, our work, our responsibilities. The fact that we see more and more people resigning from some seriously high profile jobs and take up something there are truly passionate about like, say, cooking or gardening or traveling, speaks volumes. Most of us want to do so much for ourselves, for our souls but just keep procrastinating because we are so caught up in our lives. We need to step back and actively take out time for ourselves and for our own happiness. We forget the fact that the only way we can make the ones around us, our friends and family, happy is when we ourselves feel deeply content. so if you are planning on working and working and saving up for that ‘one fine day’, you better stop because life just doesn’t work that way. we all have to live in the now, in the present. Make the most of the day – it may sound like an advertising slogan these days but this is the true mantra of a peaceful, content life. prioritize everything, everyone; take out time for everyone and above all for yourself.
Live, as much for yourself, as for others.