Bust Your Stress

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STRESS – that dreaded word makes even the best of the best men go awry and haywire. According to me, stress is overrate and does much less harm than what people think it does. Reason? People worry more about the fact that they are stressed rather than finding out how they can overcome it. Stress causes all your bodily functions to move in a totally absurd way. Your heart rate increases, blood pressure fluctuates, and you experience nausea, depression and extreme health problems in many cases.
When there is a problem, there has to be a good and reliable solution for it.
Before we begin, let me be clear that stress in a controlled amount is good for your body. This type of good stress is called as Eustress. Stress that is bad for your body and leads to health issues is called as Distress. When we talk of stress busters or stress management, we talk about the elimination of only the distress and not the Eustress.

In general, stress is related to external as well internal factors. Your physical environment, your job, your relationships with your friends and your colleagues, your home, and all the situations, challenges, difficulties, and expectations you have to deal with on a daily basis are the external factors that lead to stressful situations. Your body’s ability to respond to, and deal with, the external stress-inducing factors are called as the internal factors of stress. Internal factors which influence your ability to handle stress include your nutritional status, your overall fitness and health levels, your mental well-being, your capability to manage stress through various techniques or other strategies. Your stress levels also depend on the hours of sleep you get every day. So one of the best key to handle stress is to have a good night’s sleep.



For a person to develop an effective stress management programme it is first essential to determine the factors that constitute the person controlling his/her stress, and to determine the intervention methods which effectively target these factors. Lazarus and Folkman’s interpretation of stress focuses on the relation and interaction between people and their external environment (known as the Transactional Model).

There are numerous methods for eliminating stress from your body. Certain methods called as stress busters help eliminate stress as well as its effects from your body. Here are some stress busters that will make your life stress free and easy-

1. Simplify
The more you simplify your problems the lesser amount of stress they cause. Think about it, you worry and stress on a situation that would not be relevant after a day or so- like what to wear to office for a normal day, or worrying that it may rain and you will have to carry an umbrella that becomes so heavy. I mean seriously, does that even remain relevant for more than 24 hours? Of course not! Simplify your life and just let go of things that are beyond your control.

2. Prioritize
Set your priorities very, very straight. Set your goals according to your priorities and make sure that you give them the importance that they deserve. Don’t give much importance to things that are low on your priority list. It will add to your worries.

3. Give Away Your Cape
You are not Batman. Nor do you have the magical lamp or a genie. Accept the fact that you are human, prone to mistakes and learning from them. Don’t pressurize yourself to excel in each and everything. Motivating yourself to perform well is another thing and compelling yourself and stressing over it is another.

5. Collaborate and Cooperate
There is a reason why we are social beings. Co-operate with your fellow beings regarding anything that can be achieved through a group activity. Collaborating work makes you less stressed about things; in comparison to the amount of stress you would have in case you worked alone. But there is a downside to it. Only the tasks that are suitable for group activity reduce your stress. There are certain situations in which it is essential that you do it alone; as it gives fast and good results. Too many cooks spoil the broth at times. Hence, it is essential that you understand what type of work is required in which situation.

Once you start following these steps you will surely start experiencing fewer stress attacks. Also, other measures like exercising, laughing and following a healthy lifestyle are keys to have a peaceful and happy life.


Stress busters are wonderful techniques to reduce the amount of stress that you experience in a short period of time. Incorporating the regular use of these stress busters automatically makes your body ready to face situations that are potentially stressful. Also, adapting a lifestyle that uses an appropriate amount of stress busters makes you react to stressful situations in a positive way in the long run.

In the lifestyle that we live in today, it is extremely important that we take up measures that will be helpful to cope up against stressful situations. Also, these stress busters will elevate you internally as well as externally!

So say hello to a stress free life by using these stress busters in your day to day life.