Stress-Don’t Let it Control you

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You all would have heard your friends or family telling you or to the others ‘I am so stressed out,I need a break,I feel so confused’.Stress!!!This is a serious problem which is being faced by people of all age groups in today’s world.Though it may seem a simple thing,its driving people nuts to a great extent.Stress has caused the deaths of a number of people.Well,you may all think as to why I am exaggerating on this.But the fact is that it is not as simple as you think.It is the root cause for majority of the mental problems faced by people today.It is consuming everyone like a whirlpool,or a tornado,depends on what you consider.
As I am talking,you may all be wondering as to what is stress.You may have trouble in finding the right words to describe this awful feeling.You will get to know it as u read.People face stress in every situation today.Stress can be caused due to problems at your workplace,school,college,personal life etc.But whatever the situation may be,the result is the same.So why is stress on the rise in the present generation when compared to the people of olden times?It was not so prevalent even in the last decade.So what are the reasons that has made this mental problem flourish?I think you all are starting to wonder the same thing.
So what exactly is stress?Stress can be good or bad.But its the bad stress thats conquering everyone today so we will talk about that over here.Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. It makes you feel irritated and frustrated all at he same time.You may not believe it,but the following is what happens in our body when we are under stress.
Blood pressure rises
Breathing becomes more rapid
Digestive system slows down
Heart rate (pulse) rises
Immune system goes down
Muscles become tense
We do not sleep (heightened state of alertness)
Shocked?So better watch out.Stress can be caused due to physical and emotional changes around us.The triggers of stress can vary from person to person.Physical changes can be when you move to a new place or when some modifications have been made around you.Your mind might take some time to adapt them.While you are adapting to those changes,you might be under stress.Emotional changes can be when you lose someone close to you or when you face problems at work.These are just a few examples I am giving.Given below are causes for work and life stresses.
Working under dangerous conditions
Working long hours
Being unhappy in your job
Being insecure about your chance for advancement or risk of termination
Emotional problems
Loss of job
Traumatic event against you or a loved one
There are many more causes but I have mentioned only a few.So you really should see to that you are not trapped by stress for a long time.The following are some of the ways to overcome stress.
DO WHAT YOU LOVE:This is a really great stress buster.Doing what you love not only deviates your mind from the thing thats stressing yo out but it also makes you happy.
ONE THING AT A TIME:This is a simple way of handling stress.Instead of stuffing yourself with more than you can handle,take it easy and you will feel the difference.
DO THINGS IN ADVANCE:This may be a little difficult considering the shrinking time we have,but trust me it is a great stress buster.Try to finish your work 1 day in advance instead of rushing at the last minute and stressing yourself.
HAVE FUN:Just go hang out with your friends or family and be yourself.
GET CREATIVE:Getting creative can reduce stress to a great extent.When you are focused on your new task,you completely forget as to why you were stressed.
So now that you know the consequences of stress,be sure you don’t become a victim of it.Just be yourself and enjoy life as it is with your loved ones.After all,there’s always a solution to every problem in life.