Striking the Right Pose

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Alright, so you are in a family get-together or partying hard with your friends and out of nowhere the camera pops out and you are forced to say cheese. Forced because you think that your photographs look nowhere close to flattering. Things get worse when you end up being tagged on Facebook for the same awkward snaps. Certain people tend to be more photogenic than the others irrespective of the way they look in real life. But what if being photogenic was not merely an inborn quality, where learning a few tricks could do wonders? Yes, that’s right it is time to bid adieu to unflattering snaps and say hello to camera friendly pics. A careful check into some aspects can be a great help to enable you to master over this art. Whether you go for a party or at any function few tips can come in handy.

  • First of all make an analysis of your best pictures to spot the pose or pattern that makes you look great in your photos. Maybe a certain angle or pose coupled with a certain kind of smile complements your look greatly. You can even use the mirror to bring out the best in you and your style.
  • One major error is the way we hold up our chin where many end up sporting a double chin. Double chin can be avoided by holding the chin slightly high making your neck look visibly longer.
  • People who are affected by the flash of the camera and responding by blinking of the eyes can put a check on it by properly closing the eyes and then opening them just before the snap is taken. After all no one likes to look as if they had been sleepy all the while.
  • Another interesting trick is to stare toward a light source just ahead of a photo session. This trick is to prevent red eye. The dilation of the pupil does all the trick so no more weird colored eyes.
  • Choose an angle that suits you the best. Turning the head slightly gives an additional value to your features. A completely straight one seldom looks good.
  • For lipsticks it is better to try bright shades as against dark colors. Bright shades take away the years from your face while a dark shade can add on some years to that same face.
  • Highlighting your eyes using the right eye pencil or eyeliner is very effective in improving the features of your face. Applying mascara to nicely curl the eyelashes adds volume to them. In this way you can let your eyes do all the speaking.
  • When applying a foundation beware of the color shade you use and remember to even out the foundation not only throughout your face but also the regions around your neck.
  • Try sticking to light colored backgrounds preferably white as your face tends to glow in such a situation. It also helps maintain the originality of your face tone and prevents any false colorization. Avoid standing directly under a light, which can cast weird shadows on your face. Instead, stand opposite to a natural source of light, such as a window, or in a place where mild light touches your face thus aptly illuminating your feature.
  • Always have a relaxed pose. Don’t look like you are forcing a smile or having any difficulty in retaining your pose. And in case you wish to try a strangely difficult pose with ease, all you need to do is make yourself comfortable in those poses so that later on, you come out looking naturally good.
  • When someone is taking your snap who is of your height, make it a point lower your level. Pictures taken from nearby at the same level make you appear short and also slightly stout.
  • Always be in a comfortable pair of shoes and clothes. Usually any kind of discomfort in your mind gets reflected in the clicks.
  • Be aware of how your hair looks. A properly made up hairstyle adds value to your face and pictures. Take care of extremely dry and frizzy fringes.
  • Always wear a natural smile rather than a fake one. An artificial smile looks very unpleasant as you browse through them later on. For ones facing difficulty in creating those curves on your lips, you can think over a humorous situation behind your back that will make you laugh and a happy or pleasant memory to create that pretty smile. In case you fail to recollect any memories, well your partner posers and photographers can assist you in building up that desired happy environment.
  • People who think they’re not photogenic end up appearing for fewer photos overall, but photography is a game of numbers. So keep posing for as many photos as you can. In fact more the number of clicks you have, more options you get to choose from of which a few will certainly turn out to be what you were expecting.


Next time you come in front of the shutters, there is absolutely no need for you to shy away. With the help of these few effective tricks you too can turn out to be a photogenic star.