SUCCESS – go get it!

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What is success? Some dictionaries define success as the attainment of higher social status while some others define it as the achievement of a goal while others mention that it is the opposite of failure.

But let’s get into a little more detailed understanding of what success is!

It is winning a gold medal in the Olympics for an athlete, or winning an Oscar or a Grammy for an entertainer, or to obtain scholarship and attain distinction for a student and to list his company among the top
Fortune 500 companies for an Entrepreneur.

Success is what we all observe in a different perspective and what I think as success might not be the same as yours. The basic prerequisite for being successful in our life is to first know what success is to us. It is a concept with multiple facets and opinions. So, we need to find out what it personally means to us.

Success is the level of accomplishment which satisfies us. It means that we must achieve the goal and also the outcome must be satisfactory. Some people view success as earning hefty amount of money. We can observe that many people around us in our society view the term ‘success’ as something that is primarily attached with how much a person earns. Is this how truly success has to be understood? Certainly not. Success is truly defined when we know and understand what to do, how to do and setting our goals accordingly and meaningfully.

Success is not achieving what others define us to achieve but in fact it is when we achieve a sense of personal accomplishment in what we do. Many feel that achieving success is good and the benefits we can think of are happiness, satisfaction and accomplishment.

Always remember, being successful which satisfies us is possible only when we define what success is to us personally. We have to concentrate on our area of life and also know what financial success and emotional success are to us. What relationships do we have to maintain to be successful is also one more important matter that really counts. In order to be successful students need to have a good relationship with books and information and also should maintain relationships with their teachers in an easy-to-go manner. The same way an entrepreneur should maintain his cordial relationships well with his fellow worker and clients and also to a great extent, the government. How would we spend our time, money and energy, everything matters when it comes to defining the term success personally.

In short words, we need to be clear enough in what succeeding really means to us. So, a simple thing we can do soon after knowing or defining what success personally means to us is writing it down on a piece of paper and stick it in such a place so that we can see it daily or every now and then. We start feeling the power of success and motivation. Thus we tend to aim more to achieve more and therefore succeed more. We always need to aim at a specific goal because aiming at goal and working on it has a lot more chances  of achieving it and being successful than if we never aimed at anything.


If there is no goal in life, then even the daily routine duties seem to become a problem. Goals always motivate and satisfy us and a check list filled with goals on priority basis would do the job in helping us knowing what small steps have we taken to accomplish the big one and how our daily goals are being met. This thereby helps us in understanding how close are we to success.

Many times people attain success but immediately they are on the slope sliding down to failure. Success is not a single time activity, but instead, a continuous one which we have to maintain forever. Here, what plays an important role is – Positive Self Image. We quite often observe that many noted politicians and entrepreneurs are taken away from cheap scandals they get themselves involved into. Such scandals create a relatively negative image which can destroy one’s name and fame in the society which leads finally into failure. A strong positive self image help us in knowing our success ratio in our lives.

One last thing we all would have to do in order to get close to what we define as success is to work hard. We all should first need to understand that without hard work no one can succeed! Can a singer ever become success unless he works hard in getting good at it? Can an architect succeed without working hard to design his buildings? No! Something what really matters in not just how well we perform in public but also how well do we practice when no one looks at us. Our inner dedication to the particular work is what we should look at to feel the real taste of success.

Success in life can be better felt only through determination, persistence and hard work. Nothing in this world can replace them. But, hard work does not mean being workaholic and neglecting everything else around us, but being in the right balance of work and recreation. Along with the right balance of the both, a willingness to work hard is what determines how successful we would be in our life.

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