Summer Detox Diets: All Liquid Assets

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Summer is highly enjoyed in various parts of the globe, where the heat is just enough to cut through the cold. You can sit back and enjoy the warmth on your skin. India, on the other hand, has one of the most uncomfortably sultry summers. We have to put up with 40 – 45 degree Celsius on a regular basis and also work our way through the humidity. It feels like swimming through an invisible water body.  Sweltering is a part of our daily lives. Our country and culture is characterized by all things colourful, rich and spicy. So is Indian Cuisine. We love every of bit of South Indian food as well as the kebabs of North India. But with all the rich and spicy food detoxifying becomes a major problem. So how do we cleanse our systems with all the rich gravy around?
It is time to hit the juices! Juices form a major part of the diet in summer because not only do they help you hydrate but they also provide the body with the much needed nutrients, that we tend to lose out on. Hollywood actor Salma Hayek, credits her figure to juicy cleansing she had started 15 years ago. She had worked with Eric Helms of Juice Generation to work on a three to five day detox diet consisting of pressed raw juices. And if the sexy Latina is taking time out for a mere juice diet, I can assure you that it really does work. Not to mention all the healthy skin and hair benefits that accompany it. So, here is a list of things you might want to add to your grocery list.




Lianna Sugarman, the founder of LuliTonix juices says “Strawberries feel like spring. They are rich in Vitamin C, high in antioxidants and are excellent for skin health and beauty.” The red pigment of strawberry contains anthocyanins which burn stored fats. Consumption of strawberry leads to reduced oracular degeneration which could otherwise lead to vision loss. Strawberries also contain biotin, which helps build strong nails, and the ellagic acid promotes elasticity thereby controlling sagging of skin.


With few calories and tones of flavour, you will love this green. Arugula has high cleansing properties, high chlorophyll content and is very good for bone building and increased mental sharpness. It is full of micro nutrients, is hydrating and cleanses your body. Adding Arugula adds a fresh taste to the juice.


Never leave the citrus out. Lemon in warm water is the best start to a day; it is efficient in cleansing the liver and promotes digestion. Lemon is loaded with citric acid and its alkaline nature helps prevent acne. Its anti bacterial and anti viral properties are good for treating cankers.

Kale and Spinach

The very reason Kale is used in every concoction is because of its high fibre content and therefore it is great for digestion. It is loaded with folate, calcium, magnesium and iron. It is known to have more iron content than that found in meat. It is also high in Vitamin K and used for cancer fighting and bone health properties. It helps prevent blood clotting and is full of antioxidants and omega- 3 fatty acids. Kale promotes cardiovascular health, reduces cholesterol levels, promotes metabolic functions, boosts immunity and cleanses liver. So many benefits from  one leafy green!

As for Spinach, it is also rich in antioxidants, anti inflammatory, improves heart conditions and is good for your bones. No wonder it was Popeye’s favourite!

Girl drinking spinach juice

Girl drinking spinach juice

Basil and Parsley

Basil is a good source for vitamin A, which helps by preventing the free radicals from damaging the cells. Plus it also contains potential anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial and antioxidants. It is also rich in flavonoids which help protect chromosomes from damage.
Parsley helps clean the colon which is often the cause of bad breath and cleans our blood off harmful toxins.


Full of vitamin C and A, it helps in maintaining our teeth, skin, vision and bones. It also adds sweetness to all vegetable juices.  Carrots are also known to reduce risk of breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. Falcarinol and falcarindiol present in carrots are known to have anti cancer properties according to research. High levels of beta carotene also help reduce the ageing process.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice


Cabbage is great for juicing. It is especially beneficial for the digestive system. Plagued by upset stomach? Cabbage is the answer. It helps regularize bowel movement, and is thus used in treating colitis. Raw cabbage juice is also a natural cure for obesity. The elements present in cabbage, sulphur and chlorine help control inflammation of the intestine and colon. Adding red cabbage along with the green has more vitamin C and phytonutrients.

Is in not great that just a few fruits and vegetables are so action packed? Loaded with the essential nutrients, they are the just perfect to maintain a healthy body. Juice diets are becoming increasingly famous, because it does not require a prolonged preparation time and also due to the easy availability of the fruits and leafy greens. So it is time to load up those refrigerators with all the greens and make your summer healthy and happening.