Summertime Fabulousness!

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What do summers mean to you? Well, to us summers mean ice-creams and cool drinks and refreshing lemonades and delicious sundaes and lovely ice lollies! But, unfortunately, it also means sweat and heat and dust and pollution and, of course, every girl’s nightmare – running, flowy make up. Melting foundation, sticky lipstick and smudging kohl bothers girls on every summer day, not to mention the irritating accumulation of unwanted oil all over the face. To combat the problems posed by heat and humidity, here is a list of simple, quick things that can be added to your everyday make up routine, because be it winter or summer, every girl should always look fabulous!
1. Invest in a primer – just like the primer used while painting homes, a makeup primer provides a smooth base for all that that is supposed to go on next. The best part about a primer is that it doesn’t feel like a heavy, additional layer on your face. On the contrary, it provides a smooth finish to your make up by holding it in place – the perfect way to counter the flow of make up due to sweat.
2. Your wardrobe – summers = lightness. In go our heavy, woolen coats, cardigans and boots and out come our flowy, summer dresses, tank tops, ganjis and flip flops. Shouldn’t the same rule apply to our make up? Ditch everything that is heavy on your face and allow your skin to breathe and stay fresh. A touch of concealer, some kajal and a bright lip gloss – that’s it!!
3. Gotta love sunscreen! – this is another beauty product that you just have to invest in. make it a rule to apply sunscreen generously all over the exposed parts of the body before stepping out, each and every time. Also remember that sunscreen has to be re-applied after a few hours if you are planning on staying out in the sun for long.
4. Tinted moisturizer – a little tube of this could be your best friend! A little bit of tinted moisturizer evens out your skin tone, makes your skin supple and hides marks and blemishes perfectly. And all this while allowing your skin to breathe. Tinted moisturizers are extremely light and oil free and seem tailor made for the summers.
5. Always carry wet wipes/face wash – this tip is especially for those who have an oily T-zone. Carry a pack of refreshing wet wipes or a small tube of face wash, especially if you are going out for a long time. Whenever you feel the dust and oil accumulating, just head off to the rest room, clean up and re-apply the makeup ( just some concealer and re –do your eyes, that is all you need!). This will not only make you feel extremely fresh but also make you feel confident about how you look.
6. Drink up – we wouldn’t find a better skincare tip if we tried. Most people have the tendency to quench their thirst with an ice cold aerated drink on a hot day. Aerated drinks contain high amounts of sugar which is not good for your skin. Stick with drinking water or fresh fruit juices or the best summer cooler – naariyal paani to stay hydrated. Water detoxifies your system, gives you an envious natural glow and keeps your skin super soft and supple. So don’t you forget your bottle of water at any time?
7. Some lovin’ for your hands and feet – all throughout the winters your hand and feet have been pampered and protected by cute and cozy gloves and socks. Come summer and they get tortured by the sun, the heat, the dirt! All your digits deserve a mani-pedi at least once a month!
8. Don’t use last year’s sunscreens – don’t just rummage through your make up kit, fish out last year’s sunscreen and start dabbing it on. High SPF creams don’t last forever so always check out the expiry dates before applying and try to avoid using old creams – they may end up doing more harm than good.
9. Blot it away – use blotting sheets numerous times a day to avoid accumulation of oil on your face. This will also keep you away from that nasty, oily shine one is prone to during the summers and will help keep your pores unclogged and fresh.
10. Try new updos! – the heat and humidity leave our hair dull, lifeless and frizzy if left open. Not to mention the huge damage that the sun does tour precious locks! Try fashionable updos and messy buns to look stylish and chic while at the same time keeping your beautiful hair protected and happy. There are loads of videos over the internet that give you step by step lessons to try out some lovely hairstyles. Check them out today!

Try out these ten simple mantras for a happy, pretty and gorgeous summer. Remember to be confident, no matter what. Be yourself, take care of yourself and feel like a queen always.
Happy summers, gals!