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Today we live in a world where there is a constant conflict between science and superstitions. As science struggles to brush away those totally ridiculous beliefs that render human development slow and inefficient, the struggle against superstition is onerous because people have internalized superstitious ideas and there is strong resistance from their side towards change.

Isn’t it a wonder? We demand evidences at almost every point of our life but give in to the demands of unverified, preposterous beliefs without a question. Such is the driving power of Superstition.

Keeping that in mind, this article has collected a few popular superstitions around the world that will simply leave you baffled.

1.Friday 13

Despair. Disappointment. Dejection. Hopelessness. Whatnot.

Well, there are so many adjectives associated to this day. There are many examples where people would not even know the story behind this day but would tremble with fear while making any plans on this day.

Friday the 13th has been a source of superstition ever since the 19th century. Though its origin is shrouded in speculations and theories, its impact is quite evident. People avoid making any crucial business or domestic plans, as they believe that this day brings utter ill fortune.

I guess Friday 13 was only fortunate to me.



2. Curse of the Opal stone

Do you believe in lucky stones? In simple words, I mean, do you believe that keeping particular stones would bring you luck and fortune? Well, if do, then you better be cautious of this particular stone. The Opal stone.

This superstition origins from a popular novel ‘Anne of Geierstein’ by Sir Walter Scott in 1829 where Lady Hermione was falsely accused of being a demon as she dies shortly after a drop of holy water accidentally falls on her opal jewelry and changes its color.

Imagine the impact this novel would have made to make an inanimate, a harmless object(I emphasize) a subject of bad luck.

Dont touch this stone.

Dont touch this stone.

3. Ringing of the bells

Sounds strange, isn’t? It sounded strange to me until I read that there is a superstition linked with ringing of bells that comes straight from Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Then, it was believed that ringing of bells indicate departure of dead souls.

I was, however, always delighted whenever I heard my school bell ringing. Perhaps, this superstition was sweet to me too.

When bells haunt.

When bells haunt.

4. Bird poop makes you rich

Seriously, this superstition is one of a kind. It is not only hilarious but also widely popular in Russia.

In Russia, there is a belief that if a bird defecates on you, your car, or your property it’s a sign good luck and may bring you riches. Yes, you read it right. The idea behind it is still unknown but the idea is hilarious. What is more hilarious is that people accept this idea unquestionably.

Next time, when a bird poops on your car or property, do not shoo it away. Instead, fall on your kness, join your hands, and say.

“Poop riches.”

Poop, poop, everywhere!

Poop, poop, everywhere!

5. Black cats

This one superstition seems to have no logic behind.

This belief is popular across the world, especially in India, where if a black cat crosses your pathway, do not go further and change your path or else bad luck would crumble your life.  Even today when people boast of practicality, they very easily step back when they see a black cat. I mean, does a black cat look like a distorted, ugly faced witch? To me, black cat is just a cat.

I am dangerous.

I am dangerous.

6. Chewing gum and human flesh

This is a popular belief in Turkey.

In some parts of Turkey you may want to think twice before whipping out the chewing gum. There is a belief that if you are chewing gum at night it is actually rotting dead flesh. The idea behind it is something that is unknown. In fact, from where it emerges is also a mystery.

Chewing gums were never the same

Chewing gums will never be  the same

7. Spilled milk

Have you ever heard your family members, or your relatives, or elder people say that spilled milk brings bad luck?

In India, spilling milk is a sign that something unlucky would happen. It is advisable then to stay indoors to avoid mishap. This belief is very popular among Indian females, especially older women, who panic unnecessarily at the sight of spilled milk. They fear bad luck but I think they should fear the money that got wasted because of the spill. Nevertheless, they do fear.

and here comes bad luck.

and here comes bad luck.

8. Smoking triad

This belief origin from the World War I. It was considered bad luck among soldiers to light three cigarettes with one match. It was theorized that by the time the third cigarette was lit, a sniper would have had the time to have the soldier in his sight, ready to make the kill.

Smoke bad luck.

Smoke bad luck.

9. Mirrors

There is a popular superstition that seeing yourself on mirror at night is a bad luck. Seriously, this is truth. It is said that a person must not look at the mirror at late hours because it ushers in bad luck.

Worse, there is a superstition, which says looking into a mirror steals your soul.

So let me ask you a question. What is a man supposed to do then?

Don't look into the mirror!

Don’t look into the mirror!