Is surgery the right way to lose weight?

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In our grandfather’s and great grandfather’s time, people had to walk to reach their work places and had to endure a lot of pressure on their body to earn a living. This also proved to be an advantage as they remained fit for a longer period of time and were affected by less number  of diseases and disorders during their lifetime. Our lives today has been made too easy  with the technology. From computers, to lift and cars.  From internet to door to door service for everything. We can now even earn a living by sitting with a computer daily. Due to lack of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, this has resulted in the increase of obesity all around the world.( I don’t think the term “couch potato” was so common in the old days.)

Now we are all familiar with the term obesity and even its effects on the heart but to drill this issue right into your brains, I would like to repeat its adverse effects just one more time.

1)It increases your blood pressure. More the amount of fat in your body, more oxygen would be required by the tissues to survive. Hence this increases the pressure on your heart to pump blood faster. This has an adverse effect not only on your heart but also on the tiny capillaries which can burst due to the additional pressure and can cause internal bleeding and blood clots. Now you don’t need to be a medical student to imagine the effects it would have on your body. It will also lead to many additional heart problems.

2)It can increase the level of sugar in your blood and hence can cause diabetes .Excess fat in the body can lead to insulin resistance which can shoot up your blood pressure in just a day.

3)Having excess weight  can also put additional pressure on your skeletal system especially your joints leading to frequent fractures and severe joint pains.(Imagine being on the bed and doing nothing for the rest of your life)

4)When you have excess fat in your body, it also takes a toll on your lungs as they do not get enough space to expand causing severe breathing problems.(The fear of not being able to breathe can give you many sleepless night too!)

I wouldn’t want to scare you much but these things are some of the main things you should really focus on.

In such a situation losing weight is not easy. But to avoid any serious health problems you would also need to lose weight fast.

Hence, surgery comes to play here. It is often said that a doctor can surely give you what you desired for if God couldn’t.

The surgery which helps people to lose excess weight is known as Bariatric surgery. Over the years there has been an exponential increase for the demand of such surgery.

Bariatric can surgery can help you lose weight by working in three ways .But the procedure which would suit your body best depends on..well  your  body. It can either involve-

Surgically removing a part of your stomach restricting the amount of food you can intake.

Preventing your digesting system to absorb all the nutrients, especially fats and carbohydrates.

And in extreme cases, both the above procedures are recommended.

There are also many types of bariatric surgeries which are recommended on the basis of the condition of the patient.

After this exceptional change in your body, If you think you can go back to your old habits, you are so wrong my friend.

After such surgeries, you just don’t lose the excess weight but you would also have to lose all your old habits of eating and drinking which you have adopted over the years.(Hah!Science can’t give you everything. You would need to lose something to achieve something.)

It is advised by the doctors to people who have undergone such form of surgery to follow a strict diet for the rest of your lives.(Yes you heard right! This means that you would have to give up every unhealthy thing that you crave for everyday.)But this is not all, you would also need to have regular post operatives checkups and follow-up visits.(And that’s where a huge chunk of your money is going to go now.)

Added to this it even has some disadvantages. According to researchers and even doctors, such surgeries can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hence you would have to pop multiple pills for the rest of your life. Since it is a new form of surgery, it also has negative health effects of your body which the researchers are still unsure of.

The last and the most gravest issue. Every human body is different. A procedure and medications which suits a particular a particular person may not suit the other. Hence you can even develop some allergies and other health problems.

Hence if you yourself or any other person you know is on their way to the road of obesity, stop them!

Push and coax them to have a healthier lifestyle and to exercise for atleast half an hour daily.

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.