How to Tackle Asthma

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How many days can you live without food? Maybe a few weeks. Without water? A few days or so, right? But without air, you can’t survive more than a few minutes! Oxygen is vital. Ask any asthma patient and you’ll know what it is like to not be able to breathe properly. Coughing, wheezing, tightness of the chest, shortened breaths, difficulty in breathing are some of the main symptoms of asthma. If you have ever been with someone having asthma attacks, you must have an idea about how difficult situations could get. Asthma has no permanent cure. People who develop higher stages of it, must keep an inhaler with them all the time.

So, first we shall see why does asthma happen, then we’ll move on to its prevention part. The air which we inhale goes through the wind-pipe, which keeps on getting divided into narrower tubules and eventually disappear into the lungs, from where the air is circulated in the blood. Asthma attack happens when any of such elementary branches of the wind-pipe, called bronchioles, comes in contact with some external triggers like dust-mites, pollen etc. Asthma is a genetic disease. So, you can get it from your parents. It’s incurable, the only good thing is that you can manage it. Go to the specialized doctor, use the asthma inhalers, try out some of the home remedies, give up smoking – there are literally many things you can do to prevent it.


Here are some of the ways to prevent asthma:

  • One of the most common triggers that cause asthma are dust-mites. Living or dead, they are dust and they will irritate you in the lungs if you breathe. You can’t get rid of the dust everywhere, but you can manage at least your own house to be free from them. Clean your house frequently and clean your clothes as well. While you’re sleeping, your head and mouth spend a lot of time over a pillow. So, you need to make sure that the pillow is clean as well. Use an air-tight pillow cover and make sure that it’s washable.
  • You shouldn’t use carpets in the house. The microfibers of the carpet have a perfect shape and size to act as a trigger into your bronchioles. Fibrous curtains too could cause harm. Cleanliness is important. And while you clean, preferably wear a mask to prevent any dust to get into the lungs and stimulate the reactions. There a varieties of air-purifiers available, you should use them to get rid of the dust particles. Use vacuum cleaners to clean the rooms, rather than the broom-sticks. You should store any sort of cloth in airtight bags. Preferably a trunk or some plastic bags.
  • The problem with molds. You must have heard about fungus. They often found and reproduce in relatively cold and moist environment. So, there are literally a zillion of them at such places. You need to avoid such cold and dark places and get them cleaned very frequently.
  • The next trigger is pollen. In any garden you can find millions of them suspended in the air. You can’t see them, but once you inhale, your lungs will start suffering. Also avoid the places where the grass is being trimmed or where the plants are clipped being clipped. Keep the windows closed if any such thing is going on outside. Use air-conditioners rather than ceiling or table fans.
  • There are people who get seasonal asthma attacks. I mean some seasons are more difficult for them. Such people should keep track of all the incidents of attack, their place, their time, the temperature, the weather, the wind, climate etc. to make things tractable in future.
  • Give up smoking. If I start writing the list of diseases directly cause or influenced by cigarettes, I could fill a full page. Smoking could be one of the triggers to cause asthma. It could further enhance the chances of infection in the respiratory system.
  • About food. You must’ve heard “You become what you eat.” There are a few foods that can cause the asthma attacks, so if possible, make a list of them and avoid them wherever you can. An asthma patient should take an extra step of precaution, like enquiry about the ingredients of the food to make sure that none of them are from your trigger list.
  • Workout! Keep yourself as healthy as you can. You should avoiding the cardio exercises that demand rigorous and continuous functionality of the lungs. Do some warm-ups, start with little weights and go as high as you can go without being uncomfortable.
  • Always keep your inhaler with you. You never know what’s in the future!
  • Pranayama and yoga. Well, there have been a few cases who reported to be completely cured from asthma just by following a regular yoga and pranayama schedule for a few months. So, who knows it may work for you as well! Google for it and hopefully you may find a couple of them.
  • There are a certain number of foods which are known to give relief to asthma patients. These include foods like curd, oranges, coffee etc. Non-veg food might as affect the respiratory tracks. You have an option to be a completely veggie. Also try to avoid foods with high salt amount. High concentration of salts in the body makes the cells to retain water, so they swell up making the micro-tubules in the lungs narrower and thus more susceptible even to smaller triggers.

That was all about tackling asthma. Have a good day, and if you’re reading this at night, a very good night to you!

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