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Hair fall has become a serious problem nowadays and also a common one. We see millions of bald people in this world and men accept it as a natural process due to ageing. But the problem actually starts with the women. They are the ones who link up everything with beauty and hair is never left away! They consider hair as a beauty quotient and would never like to look old very early. It is not painful to lose hair but very much distressful for sure.

How many times have you been worried about hair fall when you see a bunch of hair entangled into the teeth of your hair comb? Many times I believe! And you might have also worried why on this Earth is your hair falling! Right? Come on admit it!

So, let us see what actually are the reasons behind hair fall!


Stress and tension are very common nowadays which is why many people start losing hair at a very early age. We need to manage our stress levels because stress is the biggest villain in our life. So, find out what’s actually causing stress in your life and eliminate that right from the grassroots level. Stress is unique to every person and it has to be tackled upon by the person himself. Meditation is a very simple practice of concentrating on our inner self which helps us to focus our attention. It helps us to eliminate stress and make our mind and soul pure. Thus it will surely help for the better growth of hair.

For many people, hair coloring, straightening and hair styling have been proved ill-fated due to the effect of the chemicals. Many people are also facing too much of work pressure nowadays and thus their diet habits have been changing every now and then. There is no regular balanced diet which is again a reason why hair starts falling. A few medications also result in the side effect of losing hair and hormonal imbalance. Another problem that seems to be rapidly affecting many women leading to hair fall is Thyroid. Also a very simple reason for hair fall is inadequate sleep.

Okay then, we know what can lead to hair fall and let us have a look at how can we prevent it!

We all have faced this problem of tangled hair while combing and its quite common. But, if we can take some simple preventive measure here, we can seriously avoid hair fall to an unimaginable extent. Well, replace your regular comb with a wide-toothed one and use it gently and with extreme softness. Never pull the comb. Let the comb flow easily which helps in reducing the risk of hair breakage and thus less hair fall. We should also clean our comb at least once a week! The dirt stuck in between of the teeth of a comb is what that leads to hair fall many times to many people. So, clean it. It’s simple. All we need to do is take a brush, soap and water and clean it once a week at least! This can easily be done during bathing.

Many people have this habit of combing hair while it is wet but beware of it, combing hair at such time causes more hair breakage and fall. Hair should always be dry or at least semi dry to enable combing smoothly. Also, many people rub their hair using towel with such great speed and power as if they are getting ready to go for a war! Well, sorry to tell, but all your energy was wasted in losing some strands of hair. Pat along your head softly and remove the excess moisture instead.

Remember to oil your hair as often as possible. That doesn’t mean you go and apply oil every half an hour once! Well, in India, we can see a tradition which has come down from our ancestors which helps to enhance the natural beauty of our hair. Well, that’s oiling! Always use natural products while treating your hair instead of the expensive parlor methods which are extensively chemical based. Natural treatments are always safe and also they are free from side effects.

We can use natural oils extracted from coconut, olive, canola, jojoba sesame to strengthen our hair. Natural oil massage is perhaps a very good way to prevent hair fall. Especially, the natural oil found abundantly in India, Coconut Oil is truly with no doubts nutritional and it has all the antibacterial properties which helps us to keep our scalp from infections. It also helps in preventing hair fall by keeping it moist.

The same way, Olive oil is a very refreshing natural supplement for our healthy hair as it is a rich natural source of antioxidants which can nourish our hair to a very great extent. It is also rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E which helps us in preventing hair loss and also facilitates in a better rich growth of hair.

We can also use almond oil which is a lot more nutritious than any other oils. It is filled with richness of Vitamins E, D, iron, calcium, fats and also magnesium. The advantage of using almond oil is that it gets absorbed into the hair slowly and deeply making it strong enough and also keep it moisturized all day long!

Finally, we need to take good care of our hair as once we get bald, all we get is a hair transplant and not the original hair! Never use harsh chemicals for coloring and styling your hair. Also avoid heating and drying techniques on your hair and also avoid using elastics and rubber bands to your hair.

So, let me conclude by saying – Pamper your hair as you would pamper a baby!

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