Take a Break

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Take a Break

Take a Break - You Deserve It

Take a Break – You Deserve It

The article concerns with motivating oneself for doing work by not doing work sometimes and taking a break instead. Does that sound little crazy and awkward? Well that is how life is and one should deal with it in similar ways. Here are some advices and facts that will encourage you to “take a break” and do things that you usually do not do, in order to boost your confidence and re-awaken your hidden talents. Added to that, once you take a break, you long to get back to the original work and do it with even greater zest.

If you wake up in the mornings with a dull mood yet you have to get ready and be out there in your office, workplace or college because you think there is not any other option, and then this article is for you.

Take a break for five minutes while reading this and ponder upon how you spend your every normal day. Do you keep running after and chasing time? Do you have a much planned schedule and that schedule is monotonous? Is all your time attributed to work, family and more work? If yes, then my friend you really need to “take a break”.

While “take a break” might sound little of Kit Kat promotion, but here “take a break” is dealt as a trick to make life easier. Yes, many might find it hard to believe but taking a break is a part of trick where you yourself trick your mind and then gain the profit from it. Let us understand it by an example.

We have often heard teachers and parents advising their children to take a break while studying. At that level, what a break does is that it helps to relax the mind, divert its attention into something that is more pleasurable then studying and then when the mind feels fresh then we can continue studies and this time the student will be able to focus more as the mind is fresh to absorb. This is how at a rudimentary level the “take a break” trick works. It needs to be applied in every stage of life by every person.

If we take an example about an employee who has a nine to six job, with only Sundays off, gets an average pay and does not have much time to catch up with his friends because he is always busy. Within a year or two, his psychological strength to bear this hard routine and monotony will give up and he might take recourse into some drugs or any such deviance. But if instead, he has uses the trick of “take a break” in between his working hours and days, celebrate his weekends and try to steal away little moments of fun even in his busy schedule then he can save himself from a mentally depressing state.

Many psychologists and doctors have agreed that although habits and routine are good for humans to function properly but monotony sucks up all the pleasure from life. We have to find a breakthrough moment from our regular 24 hours to steal some time and “take a break”.

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What should one do in a break? A break basically has to be a short diversion from your original work and something that is not too elaborate that it will overtake your original work and drain all your energy. For example, if you are at your workplace you can just walk in and out of your building, do little stretching, chat with your colleagues, grab a newspaper and read some entertaining article or you can just sit somewhere in peace, close your eyes and relax while listening to some good music. Just keep in mind that this break should be an interval where you have to relax and do not get involved in something that will tax your energy.

For a student a break can be a stroll, a phone call, some TV show, good music, dancing or playing, or any other activity. But here also make sure that you understand that this is a break and you will have to return your studies and homework.

Like all machineries need break otherwise they get broken similarly we humans also need breaks. We should not force our self into working to the extent as to exhaust our bodies, affect our system and environment. Taking a break once in a while is very necessary to recharge one’s batteries and then jump back into the real action with double energy and zest.

“Take a break” trick works even better if you wish to take a break and spend time doing things that you love and not just mere passing time. While on the break, do something that is creative and appeals you the most, like watch a movie that you wanted to see badly, paint something that you wanted to, cook your favourite meal or do anything that makes you cheerful and happy. Taking a break from work also gives you the time to sit and think about yourself and one should steal some time for oneself. Think about all the things that give you pleasure and do the, pamper yourself, apt your own back and appreciate yourself for whatever you have done with your life. If things are going down the hill then use this break as a time to think about how to get things back on track. Meet your favourite people, friends and families and spend time with them. Also, if time allows try to increase the length of your breaks like take some days off and go on a vacation or a holiday.

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Life is too short to worry and keep working. “Take a break” and pause to enjoy what you have and then continue in the pursuit of what you seek to achieve.


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