Take a break: Disconnect from technology

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All of us work hard through out the year. We slog at school or college or at work. We get exhausted by the physical and mental effort we put in at work. As we know “All work and no play makes Jack dull. “ We need to take a break from our routine life and enjoy. Earlier we only required a break from work related stress. These days everybody needs a break from technology too. Our lives revolve around our work, family, and social networking. The quote “A man is judged by the books he reads and the company he keeps” is now passé. Our lives are now judged by our Facebook pictures and Whatsapp statuses. We are now more connected than ever before. What started out as a pass-time has now become a full fledged addiction bordering on impending mania. We are now addicted to our gadgets and are unable to spend even a few days without them. Continual usage of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets and laptops has many dangerous side effects. Most of us are aware of the side effects but are still not firm enough to get rid of the addiction. The most alarming fact is that sharing information online causes certain centres of the brain to be activated. These centres are the regions associated with pleasure and it is human tendency to pursue activities that are pleasurable. This is the reason for addiction.
Have you ever wondered why your day suddenly seems shorter? Do you manage to do anything useful in your free time? Do you spend more than two to three hours a day on social networking sites? Do spend some time answering these questions in your head and then proceed reading.
Do you spend more time with your gadgets than with your family or pets? Do you now care more about the number of friends you have on your friends list on fb compared to the actual number of true, close friends you have? Is every event of your life public? Are you more concerned about the virtual image of yourself than your real self? It is high time to realize that your online profiles are only an entertaining and glamorized versions of you. It puts the real you behind a mask. It is eating you up. You create certain standards for yourself virtually and are constantly trying to life up to them. This clearly shows you are addicted to the virtual world. You most definitely have to take a break from technology just to get over your addiction.

If the answers to most of the above mentioned questions are positive then you are invariably experiencing an overdose of technology. You need to reduce your usage to get over the addictive nature of technology.
Technology and social networking is definitely and unquestionably an unavoidable part and parcel of our life. But we need to realize that it is only a part of our life and not our entire life. Every now and then you should take a break from technology. Disconnect yourself from the rest of the world. Connect to your close friends and family the old way. Meet up somewhere. Spend time together. A few hours spent together means way more than many hours spent together virtually. Take a break from your hectic schedule. Make sure you actually go on that long-pending family holiday. When you do make sure you leave behind your stress, tension and most importantly all your hi-tech gadgets. Just take a break to unwind and relax. Try to go a place that offers you a peaceful and calm ambiance. No facebooking or whatsapping pictures of the meal you just ate or the place you just visited. Try to take in as much as is possible of the place. Make memories. They last for almost forever. Just take a few pictures so you can refresh you memory a few years down the line.
Make sure that when you go on your holiday you do activities involving everyone. Don’t pursue your own singular interests. It’s more about having fun together than doing things alone. And since you won’t be using your gadgets you will realize how much more time you have. This extra time should be spent bonding with your family over a cup of tea or a long walk. You have to take an effort and make sure you spend some quality time with your family. Spending time with people who are close to you will make you feel more connected and it will lessen the feeling of needing to share everything online, virtually. It will actually help you get over your mild addiction to the internet, technology and social networking. Take that extra effort and get over the addiction.
“To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”
Strive to understand your addiction, seek ways to overcome it, find your solutions and never yield to weaknesses again.

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