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They are one of the most delicate organs and are the window to the outside world. Any idea about what I am talking?If you have guessed it, then well done. If not, let me tell you. Yes, I am talking about our eyes. They help us see the beautiful world that has been gifted to us. We would live in a dark world without them. They also express a lot of feelings. So its important that you know more about your eyes and care for them in the right way.


First lets learn as to how are eyes work. When you look at an object, the light from it enters your eye through the pupil. The iris changes the size of the pupil, depending on how bright the light is. The lens focuses the light onto the back of the eye: the retina. The retina is a mass of light-sensitive neurons, called photo-receptors, which change light signals into electrical ones. Photo-receptors contain chemicals that change when they are hit by light.  This causes an electrical signal,  which is then sent to the brain along the optic nerve. The brain interprets the images and enables us to see what is in front of us. This all happens so fast that you don’t even realize that this much happens. This all is happening even while you are reading this. Cool right?


Now I am going to tell you a few ways in which you can care for your eyes.

NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT BRIGHT LIGHT:This is one thing that many people do out of curiosity. Doing this can damage your pupils which in turn will damage your eyes.

USE CUCUMBER OR TEABAGS ON YOUR EYELIDS:Doing this can reduce the puffiness in your eyes and make them look better. You can do this every night before you retire for the day. Green tea bags are also good for your eyes. Soak them in cold water for a few minutes and then place them over your eyes. Keep them for 10-15 minutes. The amount of time is same for the cucumber slices as well.

DON’T WEAR YOUR CONTACT LENSES FOR MORE THAN 19 HOURS:This can cause permanent damage to your eyes as well as discomfort. Also see to that you don’t sleep with your lenses unless told. Your eyes need a constant supply of oxygen and lenses make sure that your eyes don’t get them as required.

DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME IN FRONT OF THE TV OR COMPUTER:Now this is something that everyone does. We live in such a world that is hypnotized by technology which makes us difficult to stay away from them. The glare emitted by TV’s and computer causes muscle fatigue in the eyes. It also causes our eyes to dry as we blink less often when we are hypnotized by them. It is essential that you blink your eyes from time to time while using the computer or while watching TV.

DO EXERCISE YOUR EYES FROM TIME TO TIME:You all are ready to hit the gym to tone your body and look chic. But I am sure that none of you would have even cared about your eyes. Yes. Eyes also work everyday tirelessly helping you see the beautiful things around you. So its important that you exercise them whenever yo can spare time. Try focusing on objects that are near you and far away from you. Repeat this for atleast 5-10 times. This is one of the simple exercises.

EAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES:Eat foods that are rich in vitamin-A, vitamin-C and omega-3 fatty acids. These can be found in carrots, mangoes and certain fishes.

Now that I have told you a few ways to care for your eyes, I am sure that you will all follow it and keep your vision perfect. I am sure you all realize how important your eyes are and how gifted you must be to be able to see the beautiful world around you. But not everyone are gifted right?Read on to find out what I am going to tell.

There are many people out there who are not gifted with the power of good vision. Yes, I am talking about the people who are blind. The reasons as to how they became blind may be many. They might have been born blind due to some genetic conditions or they might have lost their sight in an accident. There may be many reasons but the result is one. Loss of sight. So don’t you think that you can give the gift of vision to those who don’t have it. Yes I am talking about EYE DONATION. Eye donation is a simple process and can be done in less time. Since you are only going to donate your eyes after your death, you are not going to feel a thing. Let me tell you the procedure for donating your eyes. You can register in any health institution for donation. After the time comes, the concerned people have to be informed and they will take care of all the procedures that has to be done. The identity of the donor is kept confidential. But remember, eyes must be removed within 6 HOURS of death.


Its awesome right?To spread the joy of happiness?So what are you waiting for?Go on and register yourself in any health institution and give others the joy of seeing. And also make sure that you care for your eyes properly so that you too can enjoy the beauty in everything around you.