Take Care of that Hair

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Most of us just soak our head under water; take a blob of shampoo and spread it over the hair and then rinse it all off with water. We go around thinking this is the right way to wash your hair, but it is actually the wrong way to do so. Also, washing our hair every now and then; as and when we feel like is a common tendency of ours. But, for healthy and shiny hair, it is necessary that you wash the correct number of times and not at random. Washing the hair the hair everyday will just damage it and it actually needs to be washed only every other day or once in three days.

Our skin contains sebaceous glands which secrete an oily or waxy matter called sebum. This secretion (sebum) lubricates the skin and hair. The hair follicles and these glands are connected, keeping the hair conditioned. Since the oil plays an important role of protecting the hair, regular washing will damage the hair, depleting the oil and leaving the hair dry leading to irritation on the scalp.

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If you wash your hair every day, then it would be advised to use the mildest and most lightweight shampoo. But the wiser adjust shampooing days to when their hair really shouts for it. This is the case mostly with those who have short hair or engage in sports. Those taking part in water activities like swimming should wash their hair after every session as the chlorine would harm the hair. In such a situation, a rinse without shampoo should do. Those with curly hair or long hair have an advantage over other hair types. Oil doesn’t get accumulated easily in curly hair and thus can be washed every three days. In case of long hair, the sebum secreted doesn’t reach the bottom that fast, hence leaving only the roots oily. When the hair is less oily, less dirt gets collected. But an excessively oily scalp means that you need to wash it regularly. The atmosphere plays a key role in deciding the frequency of washes. During the winter or colder months, one can hold the washing to nearly three days. But, in case you stay in an area with a sultry climate, then it advisable to wash your hair frequently. Combing or brushing your hair before a wash helps to remove the dirt and sebum, making cleaning easier.

Let’s look at the proper way to wash your hair.

  1. Rinse it

Before shampooing, your hair ought to be completely wet and rinsed. Using hot water will open the cuticles and remove dirt or any particles trapped in the hair. Also, warm water releases the oils through the scalp, so the cuticles can absorb the oils in the conditioner.


*If you have long hair, hair extending beneath the shoulders, then one should apply a small amount of conditioner to the ends and rinse it out before shampooing. This will protect the delicate ends from drying and additional harm. It will also fill any gaps in the cuticles with moisture, making it smoother and boosting the shine.

  1. Lather the Scalp

It is recommended to only shampoo your hair at the roots. The best way would be to spread it from the roots to the tips. The hair closer to the scalp is oilier while the tips are dry and fragile. Don’t use too much shampoo if your hair doesn’t require it. A quarter-sized amount should be sufficient. But if your hair is long or thick then do use more if necessary.

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  1. Work through Gently

Vigorous movements can damage the hair leading to breakage. Your hair is very delicate and should be washed very carefully. To increase the blood flow to the scalp and to stimulate hair growth, use vertical strokes with medium pressure. Spread the lather over the tips in a straight stroking movement as scrubbing will damage them.

  1. Avoid Repeating

Washing your twice is really not necessary. One round of shampooing should be sufficient to cleanse your hair of any dirt particles. But, if your hair is really dirty and the first shampoo didn’t produce much lather, then going in for a second shampoo would be fine

  1. Conditioning

After shampooing, remove as much water as you can from your hair before applying the conditioner. Do not apply conditioner to the roots of your hair as the natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated there. After applying the conditioner, clip up your hair and finish showering by rinsing out, leaving the conditioner. The hair absorbs better when the conditioner stays for longer.


  1. Finish it up

Finish your wash with a cold water rinse. Cold water shuts the cuticle tight and seals the shingle-like external layer. This will enable it to give the most light and give off the most shine.