Take it eeeezzzeeeee

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What crazy lives we all lead, isn’t it? I mean seriously, I do not even remember the last time I met someone who was at ease with life, who was relaxed in the truest sense of the word. Everyone is in a hurry, everyone is under pressure, and everyone is running a sprint at break neck speed trying to outdo the world it seems. And all this stress, this tension is taking a major toll on everyone’s, yes, everyone’s, health. In a world where everything is available to us, where the scarcest things are delivered into the comfort of our homes at the click of a button, where we are more aware than ever before about the do’s and don’t’s regarding our health and yet have the most cavalier attitude possible! Isnt that a little too ironic?
We need to understand that all the things which we run after – relationships, financial security, success at the office, money, love , companions – all these wonderful things will end up meaning absolutely nothing if we don’t have the health to enjoy it? Let us take a simple example: suppose you have been running after that elusive promotion that shall make you Manager. You are convinced that once you get there, it will be the solution to all your problems – you’ll be able to pay off the mortgage, get your kids into great colleges, finally travel the world which has been your lifelong dream, eat in the most posh restaurants… yes, you will do it all. But in the race to get their you ignore your own body, work way too much, skip breakfast, work for hours on an empty stomach, smoke to handle the stress, increase your intake of coffee to get through the tension. In the end, you do finally get there – but at what cost? You’ve put so much stress on your heart that it refuses to work properly; you’ve been tense for so long your blood pressure is all over the place. You are too thin/obese. The doctors say a big, fat no to any sort of travelling or extravagant food for that matter – you are put on a strict diet. What was all the rush for? For this sort of life? Wouldn’t it have been better to take it slow, savor the journey? Take yearly trips and vacations instead of putting your entire personal life on hold. Realize that while being committed to your job is a good thing, hell it is a great thing, but it is way more important to be committed to yourself, your health and your family.
Because at the end of the day, all the frustrations we keep living with, they don’t really amount to much. So take our advice and relax – here are a few simple tips on how to keep all your worries far, far away!

1. Prioritize
More than half the problems crop up in our lives because we give priority to all the wrong things. So take some time out and think things through and assign all your goals, all your tasks, all your dreams a realistic and practical priority. And once you get into the habit of prioritizing well, life will seem so much more easier.
2. Meditate

sitting with crossed legs
As clichéd as this sounds, fact is that nothing – absolutely nothing – works better than this to relieve stress. The fact that it keeps you young and energetic doesn’t harm either!! If you want any proof simply look at the face of someone who meditates regularly. Not only are there no fine lines, no wrinkles, no crow’s feet, they naturally radiate a sort of happiness and positivity all around them. And it’s not that they do not have any problems or worries in life – every, single person does – it’s just that they have a wonderful way of taking all that negativity and turning it into something wonderful and positive. And that is the reason behind their efficiency and grace at handling almost anything.
3. Ask For Help

When we were kids, we wouldn’t think twice before rushing to our parents or elder brothers and sisters for help as soon as we got into any kind of trouble or were faced with a situation we couldn’t handle. Why do we stop doing that? We, in India especially, are blessed with huge, loving families which are always there for us come what may. Why does ego start coming in the way as we keep growing up? Wouldn’t things be easier if we just shared our thoughts, our worries with our loved ones. I mean, come on, we all need support to move forward, to face life.

Follow this simple three step formula! Trust us, if you follow these simple trips diligently all your worries will be a thing of the past!