Take it Seriously- Stress Management

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Take it seriously- stress management

Crossing out stress and writing relax on a blackboard.

Did you felt the butterflies in your stomach before your test or exams or presentation you are supposed to present before a crowd? Did you felt the burden of assignments and homework’s that you couldn’t sleep at night? Did something bothered you so much that you just sat over with a headache thinking about that stuff continuously?  If yes, then you know what exactly it feels to be stressed out. It sometimes leads to panicking and mental disturbances leaving behind to cause harm to self. Many of them feels stressed out not adults have loads of problems but nowadays school going kids; college students also undergo lots of stress. Stress nowadays is considered as the major problems and sickness faced by majority of people around.  Truly speaking stress has two sides positive and negative one. Yes! You might be shocked as in positive side of stress, it exists though. Sometimes stress is very helpful to complete the given task in time rather than our habit of delaying. It helps to meet our goals before the deadlines. Negative sides we all know we lose our control, damages our conscious, increases ups and downs, cannot focus due to lots of work as in what to do first and all such things. Emotional breakdown is the major risk factor which may lead to severe side effect on oneself. Physical stress may cause headache and pain to the body. Basically when everything comes to us in wholesome manner and to tackle that is difficult stress is caused. Everything and anything given to us in challenging way or threatened us to do a particular task causes stress. Even the thing which makes you uncomfortable and frustrated is all cause of stress. And there is many more reason for everyone to get stressed out.

So to tackle this I have few solutions which you can opt for to live a stress free life:

  • First and foremost step to reduce stress is facing it without any fear; half the problems are solved there itself when you decide to face it. So face the fear. As stress reduces the output and response to that particular thing. The result is bad when made under pressure not always but sometimes it does. So act that way it won’t harm your result.
  • Many of them close there selves and avoid contact in fear they might say things in anger, best thing to tackle is share things out as it feels relief after talking it helps you to calm down and solve the situation in a new and fresh way.
  • Some of them avoid sleeping and eating as they think it will eat up there time of solving the problem but its vice versa it affects your health and makes you weak to face the challenge, you should always eat and sleep properly in such cases it helps to relax your mind when you’re asleep and it keep the body chemicals flow neatly when you have your meal.
  • Researcher suggests that meditation is another good option to reduce stress. You might be thinking what a waste of time, but few minutes will help you a lot trust me.
  • Another main thing to do is start thinking positively, negative thinking leads to negative outcome. So always be positive no matter what because it improves the result and helps to reduce the stress and keeps you a bit of tension free. It helps to cope up a lot more problems caused due to stress. So be cool, stay positive.
  • It’s not a joke seriously when I heard if this I was laughing too but it really does helps. Thinking about what help it’s simple we all do this every day don’t we – laughter it is. Is so simple just laugh out to reduce stress it really helps. There are so many comedy serials, sitcoms, videos, etc. it will help you long way as it also keeps you cherished all the time. Not a waste though.  It soothes your tension. It also improves your mood.


  • Important thing which we all need to take into consideration is time management. Managing your time properly and scheduling your things accordingly helps a lot and makes everything easier.
  • Calm and relax yourself for few minutes from the hectic part of stress. Take a few moments for you to refresh the things so it will work out efficiently.
  • Try to always reach out to the solution never give up to your problem.
  • The best’s way   to tackle the situation is to know that everything is in your control and it can be brought back to track if you have the proper control on it. No one else can handle the stress but it’s you yourself. Once you take charge of your thinking and behavior towards it the problem is solved then and there.


Be relaxed, enjoy!