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Healthy relationships are the prime factors which make our life beautiful. Relationships need not necessarily mean marriage. It can also be a friendship or the one between a teacher and a student or also between siblings or even in a professional setting. But, the one that is most important is usually the relationship between a husband and a wife.

Relationships do not just happen but are to be created and nurtured. All it takes to create a healthy relationship is two people with an immense amount of respect for each other backed up with patience and time for each other.

We need to work out very much to keep up our relationships and every relationship is basically built out of trust and attraction. Honesty too is very important in relationships. A healthy relationship is not just getting or being with the right person but also creating something magical with them and maintaining the relationship between them at any odds.

Making plenty of time for one another in a relationship is of vital importance to enjoy the ends of happiness. Lack of attention can also be pretty damaging in a relationship. We need to be there right next to a person to share both highs and lows of life. It helps in building a sense of security and tight bondage between the two. We should also need to give our attentive ears for their words to make them feel that there is someone who is willing to listen to them at any part of life. Listening to our beloved patiently is nothing but an act of showing our care towards them. So, by giving each other the attention and affection needed, we can grow stronger as an individual too.

Transparency is another factor that is very important to maintain a healthy relationship. Transparency is nothing but communicating everything openly and frequently. This transparent communication at frequent intervals is really worthy enough in balancing the relationship at both rough and smooth times of life.

Praising a person or telling him/her that we care for them is one more factor that is of great importance. We need to be straight forward and if we like something they do, appreciating it and showing them how much do we adore them is really worthy mentioning. No words and thoughts should be left unspoken.

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One more thing we all need to keep in mind is that no person is with us right from our birth and most of the people we meet enter our life half way through. We need to understand each other and work hard together and achieve something. Each relationship is mainly built on the strengths of two people along with the strength of each individual.

We all know that to err is human. We all are never perfect and make something or the other mistake someday or the other. So, as a matter of fact, our partners too are human beings just the way we are. We all make mistakes and go out of control many times. We even lose our temper and talk something that we shouldn’t have had. But, the act of understanding and cooperating is what that is going to patch up everything.

Trust, another important factor that is highly responsible in maintaining our relationships up to the par and we should never lose our trust upon our partners. Here, we give them a chance to hurt us but still we trust that they will never hurt us. Belief and keeping good faith in a relationship is a must and we should also need to understand that a relationship is basically standing on the pillars of mutual understanding and only when we are true to them, can we trust that they are true to us.

Every day is never the same and life is full of mixed emotions and actions. We can be laughing today and quarrel tomorrow for a small reason. But that has to be left there itself for the betterment of both the individuals and also for the relationship between them. We should never drag any of those bad moments to the next day. Everything has to be sorted out then and there itself. We need to regroup, ask sorry to each other, give a smile and start the fresh moments of our relationships once again.

We all know that time machines are good only for the movies and not in real life. We can never change our past but we in a relationship can be clear about our past deeds and should never bring each other’s past in front and crumble our life. Past is to be just let gone and the present is to be cherished with a great positive hope for a bright future. One important point to remember is that life is short and maintaining a relationship is just as difficult as it is to start a fresh one!

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