Has television become your best friend?

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Has TV become the ultimate stress relief for you? Because I hear a lot of people saying that nowadays. According to such people, after a hard day’s work, watching television relieves stress. But, does that mean you spend five or six hours watching television after work? Well you have not realised it yet, then let me point it out to you, television is a bad addiction. Watching the re runs of previously seen series is a problem for many. It basically tells us that you are mentally dependant on such shows and therefore watching TV for more than three hours a day is extremely unhealthy. That does not mean I don’t like watching House or Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones any less than you. And God help those who keep watching the cooking shows all day long, because you cannot watch them without getting hungry, which in turn leads to gaining weight. This just proves the kind of control these shows can have over you. Resorting to any external agent for relieving stress which essentially involves sitting for hours on end and munching on popcorn is definitely a sign of “losing it”. Television addiction is a major problem. For many of you who do not realise, it is detrimental to not only your health but also your thought process. It is the best way to become a couch potato. So folks if you want a healthy life it is time to stop watching so much TV and engaging in any other physical activity which keeps your body and mind at work. You need to know the health effects of watching TV and yes you do not need to quit but only moderate it a little.


TV addiction causes immense depression since you do not really engage in conversations or socialising, which, by the way is essential for human beings, because “Man is a social animal”. Lying down on your couch all day long and watching TV brings in a kind of lethargy and hopelessness, since deep down you know that you are not doing anything productive to help yourself or your career. This kind of realisation enhances depression and most people choose to avoid making a difference and go back to watching some more TV to distract themselves. This becomes a viscous cycle of depression.


When you start watching most of the shows on TV, you get into a tendency of delaying your important work. You basically end up convincing yourself that you will finish the important tasks later and by the time you are done watching your regular series, the day is over and you have achieved a big nothing. Therefore it does make you delusional in some ways. Work will always take a back seat when you priorities change.

This is something many people have realised. Watching too many violent movies does make you more violent as a human being. If you closely observe the ones who love playing violent games, you will notice you violent they get at the drop of a hat. This has been proven by James B. Weaver III of Department of Communication, Virginia Tech and the researchers were shocked with the results. The effect of violence portrayed by media is extreme. Similarly, watching too many emotional movie makes you a cry baby. So if your girlfriend is complaining about how violent you have become, she may have a point, because watching too much Game of Thrones is unhealthy and I hate to admit it, since I absolutely love the show!


Many people try to ignore their grief and pain by watching TV, in which case it becomes a major distraction for reality. Trying to escape the issues of life by escaping is an extremely negative thing to do because you cant escape it completely. Problems won’t disappear unless they are taken care of. So running from it will never help. This is how people lose touch with reality and try to forget their problems by watching TV. So if you are one of them, it is time to face your issues and get rid off them, for good.

A lot of people do not realise that we only get one chance. Life is cruel and there is no doubt about it, but you cannot think of trying to escape it by doing things which depress you further. In stead of watching TV, go out and make friends and enjoy the bonds you share with your loved ones. They miss you, when you keep yourself glued to the television all day long. TV addiction has also resulted in large scale divorces as well. So please, do not let your life pass you by and make the change. You can make a difference, no matter what  the problem is. People lose out on family, friends and gradually their happiness because of this one reason, so do not be that person any more. It makes you unhealthy so just quit. Believe me it will only benefit you in more ways than one. So call up your buds and start socialising.